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WSQ Chinese Workplace Literacy - Foundation

KLC International Institute is one of the few insititutions accredited by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA) to offer Chinese Workplace Literacy-Business Chinese Programme to adult learners.

The Foundation Course for students who has no or little mandarin learning. The objective to be able to speak basic conversation mandarin for social or at workplace.

Depending on the Chinese level of your employees, we can offer this course at any level: foundation, beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Learning Outcomes

1.Understand and identify Chinese Phonetics such as tones, syllables, initials, finals and etc.

2.Understand and ability to write Chinese Characters such as basic strokes, strokes order and common words.

3.Learn how to pronounce, read write and differentiate the articulation of characters and recognize up to 100 words.

4.Understand and ability to write the Chinese numeric.

5.Understand the basic Chinese culture such as greetings,festivals and etc.

Participants from level 2 and above CWPL courses will be awarded an internationally recognised certificate from the Office of Chinese Language Coucil International (Hanban), co-badged with WSQ. Participants from Foundation and Level 1 CWPL courses will be awarded a WSQ Statement of Attainment.


Note: To qualify for the subsidy, participants need to:

- Be a Singapore Citizen of Permanent Resident

- Be 16 years or older

- Attend at least 75% of all lessons

Participants who do not satisfy the above criteria are welcome to join at prevailing unsubsidised rates.


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