What You Should Know About Nose fillers in Singapore

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You may want to have the appearance of your nose improved but are unwilling to go for invasive surgical methods. A good alternative for you is nose fillers in Singapore. Fillers can make the tip of the nose sharper and even raise the bridge.

With nose fillers, you can improve both the frontal profile of your nose as well as the sideways appearance.

How quick are the results

One of the main advantages of nose fillers is that the treatment takes between 15-30 minutes. You can change the appearance of your nose with a single visit to the doctor.

If you have been looking to surprise your friends then filers are a good option. Plus you will not have to deal with the long downtime required with surgical procedures.

Not too obvious

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Another benefit of nose fillers is that they can improve your appearance without being too obvious. Your peers, family, and friends will be able to see the difference but it is not too much that it seems overdone or unnatural.

You will therefore still be able to maintain your natural look.

Nose fillers and pain

Since the doctor will be using a needle to inject the fillers into the skin, you may experience a bit of discomfort and pain. However, according to your pain tolerance, the doctor may apply a numbing cream to the area.

That said, the treatment will take utmost 30 minutes, many patients can tolerate the pain or the discomfort.

Patients will also experience a bit of swelling or bruising but this will often go away in a day.

How long are the results?

Many patients often wonder how long the results will last after treatment. It is important to note that the results are not permanent. This is because the fillers are made from ingredients that will break down and disintegrate under the skin after a few months.

Consequently, the patient will need to go back for a touch-up treatment to maintain the results for longer.

The different types of nose fillers

Nose fillers can be categorized into 3. These are:

  1. Earlier nose fillers
  2. Hyaluronic nose fillers
  3. Semi-permanent fillers
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Earlier nose fillers

These earlier or older nose fillers did not feature hyaluronic acid. Instead, they contain compounds such as polycaprolactone, hydroxyapatite and Poly L-lactic acid.

With these types of nose fillers, you will need to wait a month or so to see visible results. This is because they work by stimulating collagen production which may require a while to alter and improve the appearance of the nose.

Hyaluronic nose fillers

This is the most popular type of nose filler made from glycosaminoglycan polysaccharide which is a naturally occurring compound found in the skin. Considering that it has low antigenicity, the body and skin don’t experience any reactions.

These filers can provide results for 9-12months after which the patient will need to go back for another treatment.

Semi-permanent fillers

Compared to the other types of fillers, semi-permanent fillers last the longest. They are mainly made from liquid silicon or polyacrylamide.

While this may sound like a great thing, note that more long-lasting solutions and fillers may end up causing complications in the future.

What happens to the nose after the effects of the fillers wear out?

Patients can expect their noses to go back to the original shape and form when the effects of the nose fillers wear out.

Something else to keep in mind is that your appearances may look even less appealing than when you first when in for your first treatment. This is because you are also growing older.

Nose fillers and blindness

There are many benefits of nose fillers including the stimulation of collagen production. However one of the major side effects is the possibility of blindness. It is caused by injecting too much filler into the nose resulting in an obstruction of the arteries.

Consequently, this causes skin necrosis and is worse cases blindness. It is therefore important to not only get your treatment at a top-notch clinic but also to find a doctor such as Dr Edwin Lim with many years of experience. They can provide quality treatment and prevent the occurrence of side effects.

Before committing to the treatment, start by scheduling an appointment with your doctor, they will discuss the pros and cons of the treatment and help you make an informed decision whether nose fillers are the right treatment for you.

Final Thoughts

Nose fillers Singapore are a great way to improve the appearance of your nose and face. However, keep in mind that they also carry their fair share of risks. Make sure that you do your homework and find a clinic offering quality services. Also find an experienced aesthetics doctor and discuss with your doctor on the best way forward.  

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