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SkillsFuture Conversational Chinese Beginner 1 Group Class

Our Chinese lessons have been designed to provide practical daily vocabulary and a foundation for basic conversational skills through a simple role-play format. Don’t get frustrated if you find some of the phrases difficult to pronounce at first.

Many of the sounds will be new, and saying them may be a challenge in the beginning. With scenarios learning, you’ll soon notice your ability to recognise and produce the sounds of Mandarin developing naturally and converse well in the various daily conversations.


1.            Accredited Chinese course syllabus produced and imported from professional agencies in China.

2.            Experienced teacher who are native Mandarin speakers and bilingual. (able to use proficient English to explain in class)

3.            Our Mandarin teachers are all professionally trained and Applied Mandarin Linguistics Certified.

4.            Interactive and dynamic way of learning Mandarin. (more role-play and practice in forming sentences)

5.            Effective learning tools like Video Lessons & Audio CD have proven to yield a better result when students review these before and after class.

6.            Double learning support – other than course book, an e-copy of the work book will be provided to have more practice.

7.            Dynamic learning tool 24/7 available includes course book & work-book, audio-CD, and in-house video lessons. The communicative teaching approach is used for all levels.


Skills Future Approved – “Conversational Chinese Beginner 1 Group Class”

(Skills Future Credits Approved Course) – SkillsConnect

Course fee $240 per pax for 10 lessons of 2-hour each, to be completed in 10 weeks. Students can choose their own class schedule from below and venue will be at our training centre.

Visit our website and see why did we use syllabus from Hanban which is a Public Institute affiliated to China Ministry of Education? And know more about our Chinese teaching methodology



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