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Semi Private Tuition

Want to learn French with your family, colleagues, friends, or neighbours? Have the same level and objectives? Then this class is perfect for you ! You can form your own group.

You choose the place, the time and the day you want to have class.

Semi-private tuition is the perfect compromise between private tuition and group tuition.
You will receive the teacher’s greatest individual attention seen in the private tuition, and the interactionof the group tuition.

As with private tuition, your teacher will create a program just for your group, in relation to your objectives.

A quick and easy way to improve your French is to spend more time using it ! With a maximum group size of 5 people, you can give yourself the perfect opportunity to make rapid improvement. Join with a confident group and feel free to ask questions, and speak.
Self-confidence is extremely important in learning French, yet so many people struggle to find it. A small class size, thorough teacher support and a wonderful classroom atmosphere all create an environment which is ideal for confidence building. With confidence comes real, solid achievement.

A small group size allows you to work intensively at oral communication. Teachers organize speaking time for every class. Your teacher can listen to everybody and correct each of you individually.

Our prices are very competitives:

Group of 2 : 35$/hour/student

Group of 3 : 30$/hour/student

Group of 4 : 25$/hour/student


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