Rhinoplasty in Singapore – What are my options?

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The nose is a very vital part of our body and affects both our bodily functions and our facial features. The nose can, in fact, affect our daily lives. For example, obstructions in the nose will hamper proper breathing which can result in other major health conditions. Aesthetically, the nose is said to affect how well our other facial features blend in our face and can affect one’s appearance.

If you are one of those people who are more concerned about your facial appearance, being unhappy with how your nose looks like can disrupt the harmony of your life. To address the different problems with the nose, rhinoplasty is performed. Rhinoplasty, also called “nose job” or “nose reshaping” is a surgical procedure that changes the shape of the nose which can correct both functional problems (such as breathing difficulties and nose injuries) and aesthetic concerns (such as reducing or increasing nose size, correcting a crooked nose and nasal hump removal).

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For rhinoplasty in Singapore, whichever your objective may be, whether, for functional problems or aesthetic concerns, you may contact and set an appointment with us at Dream Singapore. The surgeons, myself included, and the rest of the professionals at Dream will always prioritize the best treatment suitable for you. If you are interested in rhinoplasty and want to know the different options, here’s a brief discussion on the types of rhinoplasty you can avail.

Types of Rhinoplasty in Singapore

Rhinoplasty can be categorized based on the objective of why it is performed:

Functional Rhinoplasty

If the patient is suffering from functional problems of the nose, functional rhinoplasty is performed. These functional problems include physical abnormalities caused by congenital defects that make breathing difficult. Moreover, functional rhinoplasty can also correct the effects of physical injuries or trauma.

For difficulties in breathing for example, the purpose of performing the rhinoplasty is to reshape and reposition the nasal bones and cartilage in such a way that your nasal passages can allow you to breathe properly. Here are the common functional problems that are addressed through functional rhinoplasty:

  • Deviated septum - a condition that can block airflow and will damage the soft tissues in the nose.
  • Enlarged turbinates - either caused by a deviated septum or allergy/irritants, this condition can also cause obstruction when breathing
  • Nasal polyps - often associated with allergies and irritation
  • Nasal fractures - can cause difficulty in breathing or misshapen nose

Of course, we always consider how your nose will look like post-surgery so we also make sure that the aesthetics part is covered.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

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If the patient’s main concern is aesthetic in nature, then what we perform is cosmetic rhinoplasty where the nose is restructured or reshaped to be in harmony with the facial features like the eyes, eyebrows, and mouth, thereby enhancing the patient’s overall look and as well as giving their confidence a great boost. With cosmetic rhinoplasty, we have a set of guidelines for the ideal nose shape and size, and we carefully evaluate how the nose will be proportionate on your face. We can perform a combination of different techniques to achieve each patient’s desired nose. While cosmetic rhinoplasty aesthetically enhances the nose, we always ensure that the functional capabilities of the nose such as breathing are not affected.

Rhinoplasty can also be categorized by the type of approach used or on the manner the procedure will be performed:

Closed approach (endonasal)

In the closed (endonasal) approach, we make all the incisions inside the nostrils. The incisions made cannot be seen externally and there will be no visible scar. However, this approach has associated technical limitations and considerable challenges.

Open approach (external)

With the open (external) approach, we make an incision termed as trans-columellar incision where the incisions on the left and right nostrils are joined together. This will allow us to fold upward the nasal skin to have more open access to the lower nasal structure. This approach offers a better view of the treatment area but may involve external scarring.


Rhinoplasty is a very complex procedure and requires careful planning, and going to a skilled and experienced surgeon is highly advised. With us at Dream, we carefully plan our procedures with our patients for us to achieve the desired results safely and comfortably.

A series of consultation and thorough examinations are conducted to come up with the best approach to take depending on the patient’s needs and preferences. To ensure that you are healthy and fit for the procedure, we double-check your medical history and current state of health. Our patients’ overall health is vital before performing rhinoplasty and having other health conditions can create a greater risk of having complications during or post-surgery.

At Dream, we also include a virtual simulation during our consultations, so that our patients can explore the possible types of results they can achieve from the type rhinoplasty we will perform. For further information on rhinoplasty at Dream, you may contact us or give us a visit today so that we can further discuss your options and start your rhinoplasty journey.

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