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Private Mandarin Course

Do you speak Mandarin quite well, but feel you are sometimes falling short in professional settings?  Do you have limited time or a busy and unpredictable schedule? Engage one of our Singapore-based Chinese teachers to bring your Mandarin up to speed!

By signing up for our private Mandarin course, you will take advantage of:

Total Flexibility
You decide not only the time and frequency of your lessons, but also where they take place. This can be at your home, your office, our language centre or any other location that you prefer.

Customised Course Materials
Our structured Mandarin course is customised to exactly to meet your personal and professional needs, so that it delivers what you want from it.

Learn at Your Own Pace
If you are a fast learner, you can complete your course in a shorter period of time; if you need extra help, we will make sure you get the help you need. This ensures that you get the maximum learning result for the time you invest in learning Mandarin.

Personalised Learning
Some people learn visually while others prefer to listen to recordings. Whatever your learning style is, our instructor will make sure to deliver the lessons in the style that works best for you.

Online Support
We don't stop at providing you a teacher during your scheduled class hours. If you need support while working on assignments or bump into language difficulties in real life, you can make use of our support service by phone, e-mail or fax. By signing up for this course, you will have access to this service up to 3 months after your course ends.

Schedule: Entirely up to you. We provide an example date below, but let us know your preferred start date and we will work out a schedule with you!

Before the start, we will assess your existing level of Mandarin and make sure that the course is pitched at a level that is exactly right for you. We go well beyond asking what you want to learn by also showing you what is needed from you to get to your desired destination.

Do you have any question or would you like to make an appointment for a needs assessment? Click "enquire Now" below!



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