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Private Korean Course

This individual course is the option of you choice if you are eager to learn Korean, but can't make your schedule fit the timings of our part-time Korean courses.

With this course, we let you determine not just the learning schedule, but also the speed of learning and the subjects we cover. If you are about to go to Korea for business, your priorities will be different then when you are passionate about Korean culture and want to have a deeper understanding of K-pops. And if you are an advanced learner, you'll want to learn faster than a total beginner.

Our Korean language trainers can accommodate just about everything you want to learn.

The price of this course includes 10 2-hour sessions at a location of your choice. As long as it's on the Singapore island, our teacher can meet you there. Price is all-inclusive: no hidden charges!

If you want to take lessons with 1 or more others, we can offer significant discounts for studying together.

So get in touch with us! Click "Enquiry" below!

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