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Ovarian cyst treatment – Is surgery really necessary?

If you have been diagnosed with ovarian cysts and worry about surgical procedures, then this might be a helpful read for you. Indeed, surgery is usually recommended as an ovarian cyst treatment, but that is not always the case.

At PK Women’s Clinic in Singapore, we understand that having reproductive health issues like ovarian cysts can be daunting and can make a woman feel anxious about what to do next and some are afraid to go under the knife. So, in the next sections, we discuss the different ovarian cyst treatments other than surgery and answer the question if surgery is really necessary for your case.

Not all ovarian cysts are the same

Doctor showing the structure of female reproductive organs

From birth, a woman’s ovaries already contain a fixed number of eggs. When she reaches puberty and starts to have her menstrual cycle, an egg is released every ovulation phase. The eggs are housed in follicles or small sacs where eggs continue to mature. When the eggs mature, the follicles break open to release the eggs...

Woman smiling with Invisalign

Invisalign Costs in Singapore

Almost everyone dreams of having straight teeth but the process of correcting crooked teeth is such a pain for some. Getting metal braces is a common and obvious way of improving one’s smile but nowadays some people prefer the invisible solution which is Invisalign

Invisalign is a clear aligner orthodontic treatment that utilizes custom-made aligners that will aid in shifting one’s teeth to the proper position. These clear aligners are made to be thin and transparent to avoid the normal bulky look that traditional braces give.

A lot of dental clinics offer this popular treatment and usually invisalign costs in Singapore may vary. This article from Dental Designs will give you an idea of how it works and how much an Invisalign treatment would cost you here in the Lion City.

You might wonder how this treatment works. You might also wonder how different it is from traditional braces. Well, first and foremost, the design is different since it does not include any metal wires and brackets. It is also more advanced compared to the traditional ones but the goal of both treatments are the same and that is to straighten misaligned teeth.

You may want to have the appearance of your nose improved but are unwilling to go for invasive surgical methods. A good alternative for you is nose fillers in Singapore. Fillers can make the tip of the nose sharper and even raise the bridge.

With nose fillers, you can improve both the frontal profile of your nose as well as the sideways appearance.

How quick are the results

One of the main advantages of nose fillers is that the treatment takes between 15-30 minutes. You can change the appearance of your nose with a single visit to the doctor.

If you have been looking to surprise your friends then filers are a good option. Plus you will not have to deal with the long downtime required with surgical procedures.

Not too obvious

Young woman touching her nose in mirror

Another benefit of nose fillers is that they can improve your appearance without being too obvious. Your peers, family, and friends will...