Double upper Eyelid Surgery

Some Facts on Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore

It is not a secret that people with big, doe eyes are almost always considered more attractive than those people with small, thin eyes. One reason for this is that having bigger eyes make the person look more engaging, pleasing and fresh. Whilst, those with small eyes seems to look tired and disinterested.

Most people with Asian descent are born with monolid eyes – meaning their eyelid shapes does not have creases, making their eyes appear smaller. Having monolid eyes is not a physical abnormality, however, is not considered physically appealing. Monolid individuals have had used eyelid tapes, eyelid glues, and makeup to create an illusion of a double eyelid fold. However, these are only temporary techniques. Fortunately here in Singapore, a more permanent fix to this problem is predominantly available – the double eyelid surgery.

Who is double eyelid surgery for?

Double eyelid surgery in Singapore is actually quite popular and is available in most clinics specializing in reconstructive surgery like Allure Plastic Surgery, headed by consultant plastic surgeon, Dr Samuel Ho. Take note, however, that double eyelid surgery is not limited for people with monolid eyes. People who want to enhance their double eyelids, make...

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Learning All About Pico Laser in Singapore

If you are one of those people who like to be updated with the latest trends in aesthetic medicine, then you have probably heard the buzz about pico laser by now. Pico laser is a popular patented laser technology that has gained a huge traction as the new standard for treatment of pigmentation, scars, and pores in Singapore.

Contrary to the common belief, picolaser refers to a specific type of laser technology and not a brand or name of a laser machine. The word “pico” refers to picosecond, which is one trillionth of a second. A picolaser is an advanced pigment laser that is capable of producing high power laser beams with ultra-short pulse durations. Pulse duration pertains to how much time one laser shot can stay on the skin. Pico laser was created as an enhanced version of the traditional Q-switched lasers which can produce laser beams in the nanosecond (billionth of a second) duration. This makes picosecond lasers about ten times faster than the nanosecond Q-switched lasers, which also means that the pico laser can fire more laser shots in the same amount of time as compared to a Q-switched laser. The shorter pulse duration also means that the skin has a lesser tendency to heat up and this...

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Rhinoplasty in Singapore – What are my options?

The nose is a very vital part of our body and affects both our bodily functions and our facial features. The nose can, in fact, affect our daily lives. For example, obstructions in the nose will hamper proper breathing which can result in other major health conditions. Aesthetically, the nose is said to affect how well our other facial features blend in our face and can affect one’s appearance.

If you are one of those people who are more concerned about your facial appearance, being unhappy with how your nose looks like can disrupt the harmony of your life. To address the different problems with the nose, rhinoplasty is performed. Rhinoplasty, also called “nose job” or “nose reshaping” is a surgical procedure that changes the shape of the nose which can correct both functional problems (such as breathing difficulties and nose injuries) and aesthetic concerns (such as reducing or increasing nose size, correcting a crooked nose and nasal hump removal).

Doctor diagnose patient before rhinoplasy

For rhinoplasty in Singapore, whichever your objective may be, whether, for functional problems or aesthetic concerns, you may contact and set an appointment...

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No More Spots: Pigmentation Removal Treatment in Singapore

Notice those spots on your skin? That is a sign of ageing.

As we get older, changes with our skin are inevitable. Our skin's complexion gets dull and lifeless and many suffer from a skin problem called pigmentation. This is commonly caused by too much exposure to the sun. Aside from ageing, pregnancy hormones, certain medications, diseases, and skin trauma can also cause skin pigmentation.

With the tropical climate in Singapore, many are prone to pigmentation problems. This is why, in this article, One Face Skin & Aesthetics Clinic gives us insights as to what pigmentation removal in Singapore is most suitable for your pigmentation problem.

Most common pigmentation problems in Singapore

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Pigmentation is the discolouration of the person’s skin. For us to treat your skin pigmentation properly it needs to be correctly diagnosed. Here are the most common types of pigmentation we observe in our patients in Singapore:

1. Melasma

It is characterized by light to...

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Jaw Surgery in Singapore—What You Need to Know

Patients with misaligned jaws and have trouble speaking correctly, chewing easily or breathing may opt for jaw surgery in Singapore.

This is a functional procedure and is often not associated with cosmetic purposes. However, jaw surgery can also improve one’s appearance.

Let’s discover more about this procedure and who is suitable for jaw surgery.

What is jaw surgery? 

Corrective jaw surgery, medically known as orthognathic surgery is a procedure performed to correct misalignment or deformities of the jaw and facial skeleton. An oral and maxillofacial surgeon performs this procedure.

The procedure can be performed on both minor as well as major conditions.

Orthognathic surgery is suitable for people who exhibit the following:

  • Poor bite
  • Difficulty speaking
  • Jaw joint
  • Lack of harmony between jaw and facial structure
  • Long jaws, crooked jaws, and short jaws

Note that corrective jaw surgery can be performed on both the upper jaw and the lower jaw.

How to find out if you need corrective jaw surgery