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Korean Language - Basic Courses

$50 discount for registration made before June!

Standard Course is designed to cover both the academic and conversational aspects of Korean Language. Basic to Master levels cater to students of proficiency levels including speaking, listening, reading and writing the Korean language. Suitable for anyone of ages 12 and up.

* We offer a free placement test including interview to find out which level is suitable for students. Please call (9117-5805) or email us ( to make an appointment for a placement test.

• Basic 1-4 : 2 hours x 10 sessions (per level)
Class size : 6 - 15 students
Course Fee:
- $340 per level (handout included)
- Group discount applicable for Basic1 (Please call 9117-5805 or email us at

Waiver of Registration fee!
S$10 Discount Voucher will be given if you refer a friend to sign-up any course with us.
• Textbook will be provided during the lesson (purchasing textbook is an option – please request it when the course starts if you want to buy it).
• Workbook will be charged separately at S$15 (one Workbook can be used for 2 levels)
• There will be a paper/oral test at the last lesson of each level.


What can I achieve in Basic 1-4?

∙ Able to read/write all Korean words
∙ Able to introduce yourself and greet others
∙ Able to master Korean number systems and ask price/order food
∙ Able to form basic structures of simple sentences in conversations

∙ Able to talk about your daily schedule, describe what you’re doing or did, where you’re going or went, and what you like
∙ Able to describe locations, give directions and how to go there
∙ Able to understand and use past tense, negation and suggestion in sentences

∙ Able to use future tense and honorific form in sentences
∙ Able to talk about your abilities to do things, and what you must do
∙ Able to form complex sentences and use an advanced Korean pronunciation

∙ Able to give reasons to explain your idea or actions
∙ Able to talk about your experience, make comparisons and suggest it to others
∙ Able to speak/listen/read/write daily conversation in Korean

$50 discount for registration made before June!
Please call (9117-5805) or email us ( for more info.


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