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Japanese Writing - Private course

- Do you want to learn writing Japanese fast?

- Are you concerned about missing lessons due to inflexible schedules and travel time?

- Do you want to make the most out of your precious time?

We are Japanese language experts and have even designed proprietary textbooks, which are now used by several Japanese language schools in Singapore. Take private Japanese lessons with us and we will remove the obstacles that hinder so many people when learning Japanese.

You may think that engaging a private Japanese teacher is expensive. At Wellhands, we can offer you a competitive rate since we are lean with little overheads.

Are private lessons more expensive than group classes? Of course. Good Japanese teachers command a good wage, and with private lessons, there is only one person paying. But consider the time and effort you save:

- No more missed classes. With a group class, if a class clashes with your schedule, you just have to hope you will be able to make up. But if you cannot make it on a certain day, you can notify us in advance and we will reschedule the lesson to a time that works for you.

- No more travelling. Would you like to have lessons in your office after work? We can arrange it. Do you rather prefer to learn at home? We'll come to you, saving you the time and cost of travelling to and from your class.

- Learn more effectively. We all know that you pay more for one hour of private lessons. But you also learn a lot more in that hour.
In group lessons, the teacher will have to slow down for others, holding back your progress. Or the teacher may be too fast for you! With private lessons, our Japanese teacher can cover exactly what you need to push your Japanese forwards. Nothing more, nothing less.

About this Japanese Reading and Writing course

If you want to learn Japanese completely, including the written language, then this course is the right one for you. The main focus of this course is on bringing you to a stadium where you are able to recognise and write Japanese script: katakana, hiragana and kanji.

This course is available at all levels, and of course, if you can already read and write Chinese, we will make it easy to make the transition to Japanese script.

Lessons take place at a location and schedule of your choice.

Want to get started? Let us know your preferred schedule by clicking "enquire now"!

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