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Almost everyone dreams of having straight teeth but the process of correcting crooked teeth is such a pain for some. Getting metal braces is a common and obvious way of improving one’s smile but nowadays some people prefer the invisible solution which is Invisalign

Invisalign is a clear aligner orthodontic treatment that utilizes custom-made aligners that will aid in shifting one’s teeth to the proper position. These clear aligners are made to be thin and transparent to avoid the normal bulky look that traditional braces give.

A lot of dental clinics offer this popular treatment and usually invisalign costs in Singapore may vary. This article from Dental Designs will give you an idea of how it works and how much an Invisalign treatment would cost you here in the Lion City.

You might wonder how this treatment works. You might also wonder how different it is from traditional braces. Well, first and foremost, the design is different since it does not include any metal wires and brackets. It is also more advanced compared to the traditional ones but the goal of both treatments are the same and that is to straighten misaligned teeth.

What makes it different aside from it being “invisible”?

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Invisalign clear-aligners are actually removable! You can choose to wear or remove it while eating and there are no specific dietary restrictions. You can also do your normal brushing without using an interdental brush. Convenient, right?

Another unique thing about Invisalign is that you can track your treatment process using smartphone applications on your mobile phone. Your dentist will also track the progress using their own simulator software. 

So how much would it cost me?

The Invisalign treatment is offered by a lot of dental clinics here in Singapore. The usual range for this kind of treatment is around $3,500 to $11,000 Singaporean dollars sans other fees like GST and for dental treatments such as cleaning, fillings and extractions.

The costs may also vary depending on how complex the case of your teeth is, kind of package treatment you would prefer to avail and of course the clinic where you would like to avail the treatment. 

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Types of Invisalign Treatments and Price Range

There are various types of invisalign treatments and each has its own range of costs.

Invisalign Express

This treatment is suited for relapse and minor movement of the teeth. This a short term treatment and the aligners to be used will only reach up to 7. This is said to be the best choice for patients who need to correct their teeth prior restorative procedures such as tooth veneers and composite bonding. This will cost between $3,500 and $4,500

Invisalign Lite

This is for minor orthodontic issues (moderate cases) like mild-crowding, crossbites and misalignment of teeth. Invisalign Lite is suitable for patients with a Class I  Malocclusion. This kind of treatment will normally use up to 14 aligners and would only last for about 6 months. This will cost around $4,900 SGD

Invisalign Comprehensive

Invisalign Comprehensive is the type of Invisalign treatment perfectly designed for patients who have AP discrepancies and pre-restorative cases. This will also suit patients who have moderate to severe teeth crowding. Patients who have severe malocclusions such as under and overbites should also have this as an option. This treatment will need as many aligners compared to other treatments until the teeth of the patient will reach the correct positioning of the teeth. This will cost around $7,500 SGD

Other Qs about Invisalign Costs

Is there a consultation free prior to the procedure?

Yes. Usually it would cost around $40-100 SGD

Is Invisalign Medisave claimable?

No, it’s not. Non-surgical aesthetic orthodontics or cosmetic treatments are not Medisave claimable. Invisalign is considered as one. Therefore, it would not be possible to use it. According to the Central Provident Fund, only surgical dental procedures can be claimed using Medisave.

Can I use my own dental insurance?

No, you can’t. It is not covered by any dental or medical insurance in the country. 

Can I pay it in installments?

Yes but this will depend on the clinic or dentist that you’ll be getting treatment from. 

Why is it so expensive?!

Well, beauty comes with a cost. Like what was aforementioned earlier, Invisalign is custom-made. With this said, it will be really an expensive treatment and every aligner that you get will be an additional cost. 

Alright. So now you know the costs! But wait, you’re probably wondering now if it’s painful or not...

Pain is inevitable! During the early period of treatment, it is normal for the patient to feel a wee bit of discomfort since most of the movements occur during the first few weeks of post-treatment. To make you less worried, Invisalign is actually tolerable compared to the conventional type of braces.

Does it work for both adults and teens?

Yes it does! Invisalign is customized personally for each patient, may they be teens or adults.


The costs of Invisalign may build holes in your pockets but the results will be worth every penny that you have spent. Dental procedures are truly costly but at the end you always get what you pay for. Cliche as it goes but beauty comes with a price. But also remember that this beauty will not last long if proper care is not observed. So you also have to do your part. 

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