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Intermediate 2 Indonesian

Duration for each course: 36 hours (18 lessons)

The frequency of the training is once or twice a week.

2 hours per lesson, twice a week class - completed in 9 weeks

2 hours per lesson, once a week class - completed in 18 weeks


Course Progression

There are total of 6 levels to be completed:

1. Elementary Indonesian

2. Intermediate 1 Indonesian

3. Intermediate 2 Indonesian

4. Intermediate 3 Indonesian

5. Advanced 1 Indonesian

6. Advanced 2 Indonesian


Course fee : SGD 795

Course fee for each level is the same.

Course fee is all inclusive. Registration, Course Book, and Tests are provided free of charge by us. There is no GST.


Class Size:

Minimum size of each class: 4 students.

Maximum size of each class: 10 students.


Progress Test / Assessment

All students are required to sit for the test/assessment conducted by the school at the end of the course to help the teachers monitor their progress for each language level. At the end of the course they may continue their studies and enroll for the next course level provided they pass their progress test and there is the required number of continuing students.


A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded by the school to the students for successful completion of the course. The students have to meet the criteria of at least 75% attendance rate.

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