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How to write emails? (6 lessons - 12 hours)

 Course Summary 

      This course will help you learn how to write any email.  By focusing on verbs, you will learn how to express the basics: Who, What, Where, Why, and How.  These simple verbs and simple structures will also be practiced in conversation.  After this course, you will have a foundation for great email writing! 


Course Outline

Lesson #

Lesson Description and Objectives


In this introduction lesson, you will learn the basics of email writing and sentences structures through the use of nouns and verbs.


This lesson will cover modal verbs (can, should, must, etc.), prepositional phrases to describe time and location, and adverbs of time and place.


The focus of this lesson is how to express purpose.  You will learn how to use infinitives, the preposition in, and adverbs of purpose that answer why.


In this lesson you will learn how to use gerunds, the preposition on, and adverbs of certainty to express time and location.


The topic of this lesson is answering how and when through the preposition by and adverbs of frequency.


You will finish the course by learning how to use conjunctions (and, but, or, because, etc.) to contrast, summarize, and show results. 

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