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French Language-Eligible for SkillsFuture Credit

French Language level 1 is eligible for Singapore SkillsFuture Credit

This course is for you if you want to learn French and be able to stand your own when visiting France or any other of the many French speaking countries on this world. Just like English, French is an important 'lingua Franca' in the world, so by learning French you will greatly expand the number of people you can communicate with, even within Singapore. Throughout this French course, you will learn new French words and we also teach you to apply the grammatical rules correctly.

Examples of topics that will be covered in this language course: greetings and introductions, daily conversation, telephone etiquette in French, time and weather and how to make an inquiry.

This is a complete beginner course (level 1). At the end of this course, you can take an examination and will receive a certificate, which is already included in course fee. After completion you have the option to proceed to the next level - level 2.

There are special discounts if you sign up for several levels at once, and also if you sign up with 3 or more friends at the same time. Please enquire about this if you are interested.

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