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French for children 5 - 7 yo intermediate 1

Children have an innate ability for learning languages. At French Studio, we have designed our language classes to take full advantage of this opportunity.

When you sign up your child with us, you can be assured that they will be taught by anexperienced, native French teacher. Besides experience in French language teaching and pedagogy, we select our teachers based on their ability to build kids' interest in the French language in a safe and fun environment.

Our Children’s French classes focus on speaking and understanding French first. After that, the attention will shift to reading and writing. By using a variety of child-friendly teaching methods, such as role playing, singing songs, story-telling, and playing games, our teachers will introduce Frenchvocabularyculture and grammar.

Beyond just transferring the knowledge, this class will instill an enthusiasm for the French language in your child.

Do you have any question? We are glad to advise you. Simply click on "enquire now" below to get in touch with us! We look forward to advising you.

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