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English IELTS (Semi-Private)

At Agape School of Language – we offer IELTS programs for all students and adults desirous of advancing their career and prospects to the international marketplace.


Our streamlined course is tailored for people who:

â–ª   plan to take IELTS exams in the near future

â–ª   desire to practice some of the skills and procedures to succeed in the exam

â–ª   require to study, live or work in a state where English is mandatory


Our IELTS course covers:

â–ª   the examination papers and requirements

â–ª   methods and skills for the 4 examination essentials

â–ª   practice activities for reading, writing, listening and speaking

â–ª   examination guidelines

Access to Our Multi-Media Training

In addition to general lessons, students will have entrée to our multimedia training facility. With this platform, you can conveniently study, as you desire in your own time with Agape School of Education multi-media English program & outline. This is fully designed to help build effective listening and speaking skills and development of grammar and vocabulary.


Price Includes:

Registration Fee: $30 (One Time)

Material Fee: $20


For more information or to register for a course,

visit ASE's website:

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