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French - Secondary 1 (MOELC)

Secondary 1

At Agape School of Education, our secondary courses are tailored to follow the MOELC curriculum.


The Secondary 1 curriculum is taught over three terms, in four sections and covers eight topics, mirroring the MOELC curriculum. Each section consists of 18 hours of contact time over 12 sessions. Using the Alter Ego 1 textbook as a guide, students start with the basics and a general revision.

At the end of the first two terms, students are assessed by a continual assessment. At the end of the third term, students sit for a graded examination. Students are also regularly assessed via class tests and quizzes to ensure they have learnt the concepts being taught. To prepare them to move on to Secondary 2, we also conduct a general revision at the end of every year.


Price Includes:

Registration Fee: $30 (One Time)

Material Fee: $60


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