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Conversational German *Private Class*

Conversational German Course
The Conversational German Course offers lessons specially designed for beginners and for those who intend to brush up their German language skills. The course covers simple dialogue (with the aid of English translation), basic grammar, vocabulary and expressions, and formal introductions including how to addressing people. This course does not cover reading or writing of the German language.

In each lesson, illustrations of the German culture and customs will be presented, offering you a glimpse of their distinct lifestyle and diverse experiences. This will allow you to have a better “feel” of the language as it is used in its native context. The class is held in an interactive manner, enabling students to speak German with each other and the
native speaking German teacher.

Our aim is to develop students’ conversational skills such as delivering simple sentences with a vocabulary of at least 400 words. With the use of Phonetic Exercises, students
will learn the proper pronunciation of German, as well as, speaking in the correct German accent. Additionally, through dialogue sessions, students will also:

·           Acquire basic comprehension skills: listening and understanding

·           Be able to carry out situational-based conversations

·           Learn useful everyday phrases: colloquial/slang skills

At the end of the course, students will be able to construct basic sentences with proper grammatical structure through the correct use of verbs.

Conversational GERMAN Level 1 > Conversational GERMAN Level 2 > Higher Conversational GERMAN

At Oxford Language Academy, we offer private conversational German language courses for adults and kids, and German language training for businesses and corporations.


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