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Certificate in International English

This Certificate in International English caters to students who do not have English as their first language, and would like to improve their written and spoken command of the language.

If English was taught to you as a second or foreign language, instead of the primary language, this 3-month Full-time English course is for you.

It is also suitable for students who have learned English as a first language, but still find it difficult to express themselves in speech and writing.

The Certificate in International English course is conducted at three levels - Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced. At each level, we will work on the four language skills - Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

We will cover the common grammatical structures that are used in spoken and written English. You will learn how to use English in different situations. You will gain the skills and confidence needed to use English in every aspect of your life, at work and in social situations.

Course sessions are interesting, lively and informative. Discussion is encouraged and students are given opportunities to use English to express their opinions. You will also engage in role-plays, debates, skits and language games.


Elementary You should be able to speak and understand simple English.

Intermediate The School's Certificate in International English at elementary level or its equivalent.

Advanced The School's Certificate in International English at intermediate level or its equivalent.

If you do not fulfil these prerequisites, we offer a placement test to determine your level.

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