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Why drawing should start as young as preschool

Every parent loves to see their child exploring their own sense of creativity and artistry. Perhaps the best step forward for many children in exploring their creativity is the most simplest of actions – simply picking up a crayon or pencil and drawing on a piece of blank canvas. There are many different types of creativity across a multitude of art forms, but drawing is perhaps the most rudimentary and accessible of them all. 

There are a multitude of reasons why we should encourage our children to start drawing even from a preschooler’s age – besides it being a safe and fun activity, it has profound effects on your child’s mind and development. At First Steps Preschool @ Yishun, we have a diverse number of activities that help your child develop in terms of speech, music and visual art. This provides a great environment for your children to develop their own unique brand of aesthetic and artistic capabilities.

Drawing helps your child express themselves

Every child who enters preschool begins a journey of self discovery. What better way to start this journey than through...