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Business Mandarin

Our business Mandarin course is focused on making business interactions in Mandarin easier. We will cover business Mandarin language and how business is done in China. To give you an idea, here are some topics that are covered:

- How to introduce your company
- Marketing strategy
- Banking, Accounts and finance
- Franchise operations in China
- Human resources
- Cultural aspects of doing business in China

This is not a beginner course (we recommend our conversational Chinese course for beginners instead) and we offer the business Mandarin course in 6 levels to match with your current ability.

This course is based on a carefully designed curriculum, which we crafted to be relevant to businesspeople with dealings in China. With individual lessons or ultra-small groups of three, we can dive deep into the idiosyncrasies of doing business in China.

- Minimum: 24 hours
- Course Materials from Peking University
- Group of 3: S$ 30/hour
- One-to-one: S$ 70/hour

Do you think this is just what you need? Contact us for a free, no obligation trial lesson.

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