Gastroscopy Singapore: Here’s what to Expect after the Procedure

Gastroscopy is usually performed by qualified endoscopists. It should take less than 15 minutes but may take longer if you're getting it to treat a condition.

To prepare for this procedure, the endoscopist, helped by nurses, will spray a local anaesthetic to numb your throat. Alternatively, you may be treated with a sedative injection to help you relax during the procedure.

Usually, your General Practitioner (GP) will recommend gastroscopy if they’ve noted symptoms of a possible condition that may be diagnosed by this procedure. If your GP has recommended gastroscopy in Singapore, get in touch with Dr Ganesh (General Surgeon in Singapore)- Gallbladder Removal, Hernia Surgery, Colonoscopy, Gastroscopy.

He will advise you on the important things you may need to observe before gastroscopy. From the appointment, you will also know what to expect during the procedure.

Is it Normal to have Stomach Pain after Gastroscopy?

You will not necessarily experience much stomach pain after gastroscopy. Instead, you will experience bloating or sore throat, which is normal and may last for around 24 to 48 hours following your treatment.

Therefore, a...

Dental Implant Singapore: What is the Cost of Getting a dental implant for one tooth in Singapore?

Dental implants are devices designed to provide support for replacement teeth or bridgework to restore or replace lost teeth. The procedure involves the use of titanium shafts that act as root substitutes that fuse with your jawbone enabling you to get implants.

If there is a medical need to increase the length or width of your jawbone, your doctor may also recommend getting a dental implant. Singapore is relatively popular with patients seeking this kind of treatment, so it’s a destination that you may want to include in your travel plans.

An example of when the length or width of your jawbone may need to be extended would be if you have lost bone support secondary to an infection or tumour removal surgery. The dental implant process involves surgically placing posts into the jawbone and securing canines (teeth) in place to create new support for replacement teeth. This creates a stable base that will allow you to eat, speak and smile with comfort and confidence once again!

Getting one tooth replaced using dental implants is possible. However, having dental implants for one tooth is not ideal, but it is an option to replace the missing tooth. You can...

Why drawing should start as young as preschool

Every parent loves to see their child exploring their own sense of creativity and artistry. Perhaps the best step forward for many children in exploring their creativity is the most simplest of actions – simply picking up a crayon or pencil and drawing on a piece of blank canvas. There are many different types of creativity across a multitude of art forms, but drawing is perhaps the most rudimentary and accessible of them all. 

There are a multitude of reasons why we should encourage our children to start drawing even from a preschooler’s age – besides it being a safe and fun activity, it has profound effects on your child’s mind and development. At First Steps Preschool @ Yishun, we have a diverse number of activities that help your child develop in terms of speech, music and visual art. This provides a great environment for your children to develop their own unique brand of aesthetic and artistic capabilities.

Drawing helps your child express themselves

Every child who enters preschool begins a journey of self discovery. What better way to start this journey than through...

Young girl before and after treatment for acne

Tired of Looking at Your Acne Scars Every Time You Use a Mirror? Get Acne Scar Treatment in Singapore Now!

I know of a lot of people who deal with acne scar problems. In one case, a woman had a problem with the deep acne scars caused by her pimples. She spent a lot of money and time buying cosmetics and skin medicine to cover up her acne marks. Unfortunately, her acne marks never really went away. They were still there, just buried under a heavy layer of makeup and cosmetics.

If the presence of acne scars is bothering you a lot, then you might consider getting an acne scar treatment in Singapore to rid of them permanently. Instead of bothering using makeup or cosmetics every day, getting medical treatment for acne scars will remove them for you and will last forever. Visit your nearest aesthetic clinic and have a trusted doctor like Dr Chua Cheng Yu treat your acne scars. Get ready to say goodbye to them forever!

If you’re still unsure of getting an acne scar treatment, read on to know more about the different types of acne scars and the best treatments to get rid of them.

What is an Acne Scar?

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