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Aoba Language Centre 2 reviews
As a Japanese language school in Singapore, we bring you a whole new way of learning Japanese. Operating since 2004, we are conveniently located at North Bridge Road. To make sure our classes bring you want you want to learn, we offer a wide variety of Japanese courses:   - Standard Japanese course - Junior Japanese courses for children - Pre-travel conversational Japanese - Business Japanese courses - In house training Our classes are small, ranging from 6 to 12 students, so as to make sure you really get to speak and master the Japanese language in the fastest way possible. All our educators are experienced, native Japanese speakers and are MOE certified. Do feel free to contact us by clicking the button at the right of this page, or browse our Japanese courses to find the course that fits you best! We look forward to being your Japanese school of choice!

Mandarin Zone School 5 reviews
Mandarin Zone School, founded in 2008, is a professional Chinese language school that provides effective language training as well as other culture related service to non-native-speakers. As a team made by experienced teachers, Mandarin Zone School understand the challenges faced by students, we are committed to providing a effective learning environment and help students learn Chinese easily!

LTS Tuition 7 reviews
Are you looking for a language tutor in Singapore? Find a great English or French Teacher now! Enroll for group and private English or French classes in Singapore, or online classes with the most reliable Native English tutors in Singapore. We bring you experienced, native English teachers at reasonable rates. We help you compare and find the right private English & French teachers and tutors in Singapore. Classes are for all levels including beginners, intermediate, adults, kids and toddlers. Contact us to start learning English or French today!