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Which Singapore language school is best for you?

At times we get queries from people who would like to know which Singapore language school is best for them. The answer to that question really differs from person to person. We did a small survey to see what people consider most important when choosing at which language school to do their language course and found that the following three factors weigh almost equally to most respondents:

1. Quality of teaching
While maybe a no-brainer, quality means different things to different people, and thus different people will choose a different language school. I wrote earlier about a number of general points by which to recognise good language teaching, and while not guaranteed, most of these points come with the experience of the teacher. If a teacher has taught for a long time, they generally know the pitfalls well and know what works when explaining concepts. Experienced teachers are also likely to be more passionate, as they have obviously chosen teaching as their profession.

It's often hard to grasp the quality of the language school and its teachers from the outside. We are in the process of developing a website that will allow you to rate your school and give comments. So that you can find the best language school from other people who already took courses there.

2. Location
In the retail industry, the saying is that only three factors count: (1) location, (2) location and (3) location. and while it may not be quite as all determining for Singapore language schools, you will probably be going to the school at least once a week, so it better be in a place that is convenient for you.

In most cases, a convenient location means the language school is either close to your work / school, or close to your home. So where do you find out about schools close by? I plotted the Singapore language schools on a map on this page.

3. Timing
If you are working, you will be very constrained with your time for taking up a language course and can probably only make it in the evening or in the weekend. Then you'll also have to take into account that your course period does not interfere with holidays etc. So you may have to check first which language schools are at a convenient location for you and have acceptable quality ratings, and then see which can offer a class that works well with you for timing.

The conclusion you can draw is that to find the best course, you may have to compare more than one language school, to see which language school can really offer what is best for you.

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SimplyArabic 1 reviews
At SimplyArabic, we specialize in providing quality Arabic courses that will prepare you to interact with native Arabic speakers in the Middle East.  It pays to learn Arabic. Singapore partners much with Middle Eastern countries such as UAE (Dubai) and Qatar, which are rising fast economically. SimplyArabic teaches you modern standard Arabic so that you can make yourself understood. We have an Arabic course for you, whether you are a beginner or already advanced, a child, interested adult learner or looking to learn Arabic for business. Why choose SimplyArabic? We care about equipping you with the appropriate Arabic language skills and competencies. We have many years of experience in providing Arabic language consultancy (translation and interpretation) for several Singapore government agencies like Singapore Police Force (SPF), Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) to facilitate their interaction with their Middle Eastern counterparts regularly. So get started today with checking out our Arabic language courses!

Go Abroad China (GAC) 1 reviews
Since 2003, Go Abroad China is devoted to fostering international understanding through cultural exchange and educational programs in China. Go Abroad China has been a leader in creating life-changing, cross-cultural experiences in China including: Mandarin immersion, internship, volunteer, teach, travel, high school programs, study tours and home stays. Since our founding days, more than 900 individuals have participated in GAC programs. From the moment we pick you up at the airport to the moment we drop you off for your flight home, you can rest assured that we will be there for you. We are combining Mandarin Chinese language and culture classes with extra-curricular workshops, language tutorials, social activities, interaction with native Chinese speakers, and fun events held throughout the year. Our programs are interesting, reliable and are an affordable options for total immersion into the Chinese language, culture and way of life. Our Staff at Go Abroad China is committed to giving, the best quality program, along with flawless communication. Go Abroad China has offices in the U.S, Germany and China. Our Mission We are committed to enhancing people’s understanding and knowledge about the Chinese language, society and culture, taking the uncertainty and frustration out of the trip to China.We provide comprehensive, reliable and affordable programs tailored to specific needs of organizations, companies, and individuals of all ages and backgrounds.We are committed to providing educational opportunities for international students as well as Chinese students. Go Abroad China allocates a portion of the budget and resources to improving education in rural China. Each year we send a percentage of GAC yearly profits directly to rural schools and orphanages in China. The recent beneficiaries are Beijing Feng Hua Love & Hope School and Xi Zhu Charity School in Tibet. Go Abroad China Key Values - Communication- Service- Transparency- Integrity- Honesty- CompassionThese values guide Go Abroad China and reflect our dedication to providing comprehensive, reliable and affordable China study abroad programs, and making a positive contribution and provide benefits for the children and the community in China.

Spanish Faster 1 reviews
Spanish Faster is an online Spanish language school in Singapore offering Spanish classes 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Private Spanish language classes with a Spanish tutor from S$25/hour. Take our online Spanish classes in the comfort of your home, and anytime - weekends, late nights or even early mornings. Specialising in Accelerated Learning and teaching Spanish through English, Spanish Faster helps hundreds of students worldwide learn Spanish 3-4 times faster through blended e-learning. Our Spanish Skype lessons are delivered by a native bilingual Spanish tutor. Using voice chat, text and video, a real classroom learning situation is simulated for an interactive learning experience.