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By registering for a School User Account with Yago Pte Ltd (“Yago”), you agree to be bound by the additional terms and conditions set out below. You continue to be bound by the General Terms of Use as set out by Yago from time to time.

By registering with Yago, you warrant that all your supplied personal particulars are accurate, complete and current. Yago will provide you with a User Account, to be accessed by way of the Yago-issued password. You also warrant that you are resident in Singapore and have full contracting capacity in applying for such User Account.

Personal information
You acknowledge, consent and agree that when submitting your personal information to Yago, your personal information will be provided to students (“Students”) who use Yago is not and cannot be responsible for the use of your personal information by such Students. Yago will attempt to limit access to its database to the Students, but cannot guarantee that other parties will not gain access to this database. You may remove your personal information from at any time and Yago will do so within a reasonable time, but the Students who have gained access to your personal information may have retained a copy of your personal information (whether in its original form or in some other form) in their own files or databases. Yago is not and cannot be responsible for the retention, use or privacy of your information in these instances. You agree that pursuant to any course (“Course”) and class dates and times (“Class”) submitted to Yago, Yago will have the right to list those submitted Courses and Classes on for prospective Students to view and select.

Your obligations
In addition, you also agree to:

  1. access the Services, and where so necessary, access the Services via your User Account, by using your password;
  2. take all such measures and steps as may be necessary (including but not limited to changing your password from time to time) to protect your password and to prevent unauthorised use of your User Account or unauthorised disclosure of your password;
  3. notify Yago if you become aware of or reasonably believe that there is any unauthorised use of your User Account or any other breach of security, and to co-operate with Yago in all such investigations; and
  4. not use the Services for any purpose other than as a course provider offering courses to prospective students, including but not limited to using the Web Site to sell or promote any other products or services.
  5. pay any subscription and additional fees due as per your relevant service plan.

In the event any Student selects, enquires about or pays for any Courses, that Student’s personal information and details will be sent to your School User Account. You acknowledge, consent and agree that Yago will contact you from time to time to provide information in relation to educational material. Yago will contact you using the contact information provided by you, including but not limited to where applicable, by telephone, facsimile, post or electronic mail. In relation to the aforementioned, you agree that Yago may use your personal information to contact you and deliver information to you, or provide administrative notices or communications applicable to your use of

When you list any Courses on, you agree that:

  1. Yago is authorised to deduct its commission from the amount any student pays for such Courses, and Yago will not be liable to you for any further payments when you receive payment for the remainder amount which is agreed between Yago and you as your fee for the Courses;
  2. Courses listed on by you are only invitations to treat, and do not constitute legally binding offers. When a Student selects and signs up for any Classes under a Course, the Student is making a legally binding offer to purchase his attendance to that Course.
  3. If you accept that Student’s offer within seven (7) days, payment will be made fourteen (14) days thereafter to your nominated cheque or bank account after Yago deducts its commission, and you shall enrol the Student in the Classes for the Course subject to the terms of a contract entered between the Student and yourself made available on the Web Site, which Yago is not a party to.
  4. If you reject the Student’s offer within seven (7) days of the initial offer, the Student is entitled to select different Classes within the same Course he selected in the initial offer within seven (7) days of the initial offer.
  5. If you do not accept any of the Student’s offers within seven (7) days of the Student’s initial offer, the offer shall lapse and there will be no legal obligation on the part of Yago or the Student to pay you any fees.

All information provided by Yago to you are provided as-is and by third parties, and Yago cannot vouch for their veracity or accuracy. All decisions to provide any Courses are solely made by you and the provision of a Course by a School is subject to the terms of a contract to be entered between the Students and yourself made available on the Web Site, which Yago is not a party to.

All information provided to you is strictly confidential. You acknowledge and agree that you will use the Students' information disclosed to you by Yago only for the purposes of signing up Students for Courses listed with Yago and will not disseminate such information and resumes to any third party or use such information or resumes for any other purposes. In particular, you shall not contact such Students for any purpose other than in furtherance of providing Courses to such Students.

You may terminate your User Account with Yago by sending a request to Yago through the administrative email. Yago may, but shall not be obliged to, send reminders to you at your email address or such address provided during registration if you fail to use the Services or log into your User Account for not less than thirty (30) continuous days. Yago may terminate your User Account if you fail to use the Services or log into your User Account for a continuous period of not less than thirty (30) days following the reminder sent to you. However, your continued use of any of the Services in the Website is deemed to be your continued acceptance of this General Terms of Use and the relevant Additional Terms of Use for such part or parts of the Services, and be bound by them. Yago may terminate your User Account and your access to all or part of the Services with immediate effect if:

  1. in the sole opinion of Yago, you have breached any of the terms or conditions of this General Terms of Use or the relevant Additional Terms of Use;
  2. in the sole opinion of Yago, your provision of Courses to Students have not been performed to a satisfactory level;
  3. you have at any time provided any false or incomplete information to Yago;
  4. in the sole discretion of Yago, Yago suspects that your User Account has been accessed in an unauthorised manner or that the security of your User Account has been compromised in any way;
  5. in the opinion of Yago or any regulatory authority, it is illegal or not in the public interest to continue providing the Services to you for any reason whatsoever;
  6. you die or are declared a bankrupt; or
  7. in the sole discretion of Yago, Yago decides to withdraw or terminate all or part of the Services or Website.
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Aoba Language Centre 2 reviews
As a Japanese language school in Singapore, we bring you a whole new way of learning Japanese. Operating since 2004, we are conveniently located at North Bridge Road. To make sure our classes bring you want you want to learn, we offer a wide variety of Japanese courses:   - Standard Japanese course - Junior Japanese courses for children - Pre-travel conversational Japanese - Business Japanese courses - In house training Our classes are small, ranging from 6 to 12 students, so as to make sure you really get to speak and master the Japanese language in the fastest way possible. All our educators are experienced, native Japanese speakers and are MOE certified. Do feel free to contact us by clicking the button at the right of this page, or browse our Japanese courses to find the course that fits you best! We look forward to being your Japanese school of choice!

Mandarin Zone School 5 reviews
Mandarin Zone School, founded in 2008, is a professional Chinese language school that provides effective language training as well as other culture related service to non-native-speakers. As a team made by experienced teachers, Mandarin Zone School understand the challenges faced by students, we are committed to providing a effective learning environment and help students learn Chinese easily!

LTS Tuition 7 reviews
Are you looking for a language tutor in Singapore? Find a great English or French Teacher now! Enroll for group and private English or French classes in Singapore, or online classes with the most reliable Native English tutors in Singapore. We bring you experienced, native English teachers at reasonable rates. We help you compare and find the right private English & French teachers and tutors in Singapore. Classes are for all levels including beginners, intermediate, adults, kids and toddlers. Contact us to start learning English or French today!