Bunka Language Pte. School

Bunka Language Pte. School

Progress comes with ease when you learn Japanese with us.

With our scientific program of teaching (Japan Patent No. 1780123) you will be able to speak basic Japanese in 20-25% of the time taken by traditional methods. We are the only MOE registered language school in Singapore using this method.

So where is our teaching method different from other Japanese schools in Singapore?

Difference # 1: We teach the conjugation of verbs first

Conjugating verbs is a very important part of speaking Japanese well. After lengthy research, we found that it is best to teach the verb conjugations early in the early stages of our Japanese courses. That way, you will be able to master most of the daily expressions quickly, without having to memorize too many of phrases.

Difference # 2: Teaching pace

In the beginning of your Japanese study, you are motivated and want to learn quickly. While most language schools start off slowly, we take advantage of the early motivation to get off to a quick start. Our materials are designed to make the most out of your mood and capability in each part of the process of learning Japanese.

Difference # 3: We explain Japanese grammar in English

To speak Japanese correctly, it is important that you understand the grammar well. That is why we use English to explain the Japanese grammatical rules. After explaining the grammar, our Japanese classes then follow up with practicing conversational Japanese in small groups, so that you quickly put to use the grammar you learnt.

Difference #4: We teach hiragana during the first lesson

We don't believe in the use of Roman letters. That is why we make sure you master hiragana at the earliest possible stage. This way, we make sure you can start reading and write Japanese more quickly.

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