Ganada Korean Language Centre

Ganada Korean Language Centre

Want to say “Hello” in Korean? Want to understand what your favourite K-pop idols or dramas are talking about without subtitles? Wondering where you can learn Korean through fun and engaging lessons?

Look no further than Ganada Korean Language School.

Here are five good reasons to why you should enroll in Ganada.

1) Fun and engaging lessons

What could be more fun than engaging yourself in learning Korean through conversations with friends and teachers? Just like how we learn other languages, the best way to learn a new language is through talking and exchanging pointers with friends. Engage yourself in conversations that will help you in your daily life when speaking to Korean friends or role play with teachers and friends as you learn more about greetings or ordering of food in Korea.

Enjoy K-drama or love K-pop music, but hate waiting for translator to sub the video? Here, we are able to build your vocabulary and help you understand the meaning behind each sentence without subtitles. Besides, talking about your favorite drama and sharing the news of your favorite idol with friends who may have the same interest with you.  Through common interest and topic, you may be able to learn much more about the Korean language than you expect.

2) We teach everything about Korea

At Ganada, we teach everything about Korea, including Korean culture, Korean language, Korean greetings, Korean food and Korean festivals. Knowing all these cultures give you a peek into Korea. It is just like immersing yourself into the beauty of Korea without realizing it.

Besides, sharing the passion for Korea language, Korea culture or even Korean idols, you will be able to thoroughly enjoy yourself in the lessons.

3) Experienced teachers

In Ganada, all our teachers are Korean and thus having spoken Korean their entire lives.  They are able to teach the basic vocabularies and lines needed to strike up a conversation with someone. They are able to perk and maintain your interest in Korean. Besides, our teachers are also experienced in teaching Korean as they have taught in the Korean language from middle to high schools to universities in Korea. If you are worried that you are not able to understand Korean, don’t worry as our teachers are also able to converse in English.

Perhaps by saying that our teachers are experienced and good might not be convincing enough, so let us prove ourselves to you by joining us.

4) Price

If you are wondering where you are able to learn Korean efficiently at a relatively cheap price, then Ganada Korean Language Centre might be the one for you. However, if you are expecting the price to be really low, I’m sorry to disappoint, but don’t worry, every cent of the fees paid will be put to good use.

We believe in giving the best environment and the best teachers for our students. Hence, in order to do that, we believe it is right to invest in our classrooms and also pay our teachers well. Only in this way, we are able to guarantee the quality of your Korean lesson in the present and the future.

5) Convenience of the centre

Situated on North Bridge Road, just a 5-minutes walk from Bugis Mrt Station, and many buses to facilitate your travel to the centre. It is also easy to find as it is just opposite the National Library.

* 5min walk from Bugis & Cityhall MRT
* Bus: 56, 980, 7, 32, 51, 61, 63, 80, 145, 175, 197, 851, 130

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