Han Hai Language Studio

Han Hai Language Studio

Founded in 2010, Han Hai Language Studio is an boutique langauge studio located at Orchard Road. Our mission is to promote Chinese culture and help non-Chinese speakers to master this beautiful Asian languagae.

Is Han Hai going to be the perfect place to learn Chinese for you?

Perhaps, if you believe what we believe:

* Chinese should be taught as it's used in daily life in modern day China. This means that on the one hand, we focus a lot on conversation, so that everything you learn is directly going to help you do things in China and in Mandarin. On the other hand, learning the Chinese language should go hand in hand with learning about the Chinese cultural context in which it is used. That's why we offer Chinese Caligraphy class at our studio. For advanced and intermediate learners, we have a special culture immersion programs prepared for their needs.  

* A language school should support its students; not the other way around. Many of our students are people with busy schedules. We understand that any language study can only be successful if it fits into the rest of your life, so you can keep it up. We provide one-to-one and small group classes that cater to your schedule, whatever it may be. Besides, we will work with you on a personal basis to make sure the class you take is the right one for your particular needs.

* Free Online support and E-learning platform. We provide free online support for our students. While studying at our studio, you are free to get online support by dropping an email to our language specialist to address your needs and to get answers if you have any questions regarding your study. Students can also utilize the online learning platform which we created for our students who wish to do self-study after the class . 

* We strive to be the best. We know that we cannot be the best and the cheapest at the same time. So we choose to strive to be the best. Considering the time and the money you spend, we make it worthwhile by providing flexible plan (no missing of classes) and a small group learning enviroment. Our aim is to help you master the language till you get fluent. Giving up is never an option. 

Does it sound like you'll feel at home with us? Then we look forward to get to know you. Please do contact us for a free consultation. Simply click on "enquiry" below.



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