Globibo Language School

Globibo Language School

Globibo is the Premier provider for Language and Cross Cultural Training to individuals and companies in Singapore - including some of the biggest companies, Ministries, organizations and associations. We work with over 30 languages and help companies and individuals all over the world. When working with us, you will find that we are very innovative. reliable and offer language services that are fully customised to your needs.

What makes us different from other providers of language training in Singapore, is that we believe in using industry standard certifications such as DIN and CEFR, base our methods on scientific research and have developed a lot of additional learning material, including iPhone, iPad, android, facebook etc applications to help you learn languages.

Our unique course materials also includes fun and colorful GlobiMemos, GlobiMaps, GlobiCards and many other new ideas. We also have our own audio and video materials to guide you to learn the language by heart!

Join us in one of our group language classes and you will find our teaching methods dynamic, challenging and constantly keeping your interest. We feel strongly that the lesson should be relevant for you, whether you are trying to pick up survival Italian or learning German for business. That is why we have developed our own course materials.

So check out our upcoming courses or contact us directly if you have any specific requirement. We will get back to you promptly.

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Courses at this School

Mandarin A1 (Basic)

Beginner Class / Part Time 16 reviews

Bahasa Indonesia A1 (Basic )

Beginner Class / Part Time 7 reviews

German A1 (Basic)

Beginner Class / Part Time 5 reviews

Spanish A1 (Basic)

Beginner Class / Part Time 4 reviews

French A1 (Basic)

Beginner Class / Part Time 4 reviews