Reading Attic

Reading Attic

Did you think it was impossible to learn Latin in Singapore? Not true. Everyone can learn Latin and ancient Greek with us, whether you are a complete beginner or at an advanced level. These courses will equip you with the skills to read original texts in Latin and ancient Greek independently.

Why learn Latin and ancient Greek?

With knowledge of these classical languages, you will be able to appreciate directly the beauty and elegance of the great classical works which have inspired and influenced countless generations of artists and thinkers. You will also benefit from an increased sensitivity to the origin of many words in English, and thus improve your vocabulary tremendously.

About Reading Attic's courses

During our Latin and ancient Greek courses, we will introduce you to Roman and Greek culture, history and philosophy. By learning more about the past you will gain a deeper appreciation of the present.

Our principal instructor holds a Master of Arts in Latin and Ancient Greek (First Class Honours), and is especially passionate about sharing his love for the classics and the wisdom of the ancients.

These courses are suitable for anyone aged 15 and above, with a keen interest in learning about classical civilisation. If you have special objectives for learning Latin and ancient Greek, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be able to help.

Ready to learn Latin or Greek with us? Please contact us to find out about the learning options we offer.

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