French Toast Language Centre

French Toast Language Centre

French Toast Language Centre is the freshest French language school in Singapore!

We are a team of french teachers offering our services to anybody willing to learn. We believe that with a suitable teacher, anyone can learn French. 

We offer private tuition, group classes as well as conversational classes for all levels. And most important, if you have specific requirements we will do our best and find the most suitable solution for you.

The French Language is well known for being a very romantic language. But besides that, French is also extremely useful: along with English, it is the only language that is widely spoken and taught on all continents. French is the official language of many countries and a second language in many more. Furthermore, many international organizations, such as the UN, use French as one of their official languages.

So whether you are learning French out of cultural interest or for your career, come to the newest French language school in Singapore and enjoy learning French with us!

Have a look at our upcoming French classes!

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Pang Sern Yong

I took Frech Beginner 1 classes at French Toast using the Groupon promotion, and my teacher was Sophia due to scheduling arrangements. I started with zero knowledge of the language, and had always found the language baffling due to the complex grammar and pronounciation. My initial impression of Teacher Sophia was that she's strict but firm. I later understood that this was done for the best interest of the students, as they will be able to have a good grasp of what she goes through during class and lock them in memory. In no time, the class was able to form sentences using the newly acquired vocablurary plus grammar rules. I can say I am confident to speak and write within the short span of 8 weeks. During class, I had learnt a great deal from her well-structured and organised lessons. She uses exercises from the textbook, workbook, and also prepares supplementary materials to help with our learning. Without any background in French at all, it was difficult to catch up in the beginning but she used songs and other fun techniques to help us remember better. And she always ensures that students absorb and recall what has been taught through repeated revisions. Even though sometimes I notice she may look tired perhaps due to long working hours in the day (my classes were at night 7-930pm) but she stays professional and arrives punctually, always being present in class, continuing to enjoy imparting the language to her students. I believe a large reason why schools like French Toast can be so successful despite being set up only just a few years is because of passionate and dedicated teachers like Sophia (as well as Johan whom I had the privilege to go attend a few lessons with) who teaches from the heart. She reminds me of my Mandarin teacher when I was younger who had motivated me to learn the language, helping me build a good foundation for later on. I do hope she can continue to inspire more French learners in Singapore like myself, who has decided to continue on to Level 2 with her guidance. I will also refer and recommend French Toast to other friends who want to learn French. One suggestion is that I would think the school can probably have a recognition system or devise a way to let students appreciate the teachers in a way that goes beyond writing feedback forms as well. What a fantastic deal I've got from the Groupon promotion! Very grateful to have Sophia as my french Professeur. Merci beacoup!

on 22 Oct 2016

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