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Spring College International

Spring College International is registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE) is part of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and has been awarded the Edutrust Certificate (Cert No.: EDU-2-2111, Validity: 19/01/2018 - 18/01/2022). Our team of teachers is experienced and highly qualified.

Brief College History
The school was established in 2001 as Spring Language Centre. In 2003, the school changed its name to Spring Language School. In 2009, it changed its name again to Spring School International. In 2010, the school registered itself as a private limited company. The school name was changed to Spring College International. Spring College International has two premises with the main premise located at Jurong East and branch premise at Bishan.

Spring College International warmly welcomes all students.
Students have made an excellent choice in choosing us as the school to provide quality education for you. Spring College International will try our best in meeting your needs and helping you to achieve your goals and objectives. In the course of doing so, we also believe in building a strong relationship with you. Hence, the student handbook is to provide necessary information for a pleasant stay.

Studying in Spring College International (SCI)
Our college aims to promote the notion of lifelong learning and to provide an avenue for people to improve their language skills or even learn a new language. We are aware of the importance of communication in the present society and thus aspire to facilitate the process and encourage interaction between individuals by breaking down language barriers.

In Spring College International, the capacity of each group is often kept small to provide greater learning efficiency. Our teachers and lecturers are selected based on their language proficiency, experience; and the dedication shown to be accepted as a teaching staff.

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