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Indotutors Indonesian Language School

Selamat datang! (means “Welcome”) We are a team of dedicated and professional Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia) native-speaker teachers based in Singapore. Teaching Bahasa Indonesia as a foreign language is our expertise. We have years of experiences to teach not only for individual, but also for professionals, private companies, and government agencies who want to learn Indonesian language. To make it even better, we provide various types of learning Indonesian language modules which you can choose according to your needs. So, feel free to contact us by clicking the "enquiry" button below.   We will respond as soon as possible and you will be surprised to find out how fast and easy to learn Bahasa Indonesia with us at Indotutors Indonesian Language School We are looking forward to speaking Bahasa Indonesia with you.
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Italian Cultural Institute

The Italian Cultural Institute in Singapore, i.e. Istituto Italiano di Cultura (IIC Singapore) is the official organization of the Italian government dedicated to the promotion of Italian language and culture. It is a part of a network of 90 institutes present in major cities worldwide. Founded in 1989, the IIC acts as a lively go-between for Italy and Singapore and as a reference point for studying the Italian language, for getting scholarships for study in Italy, as well as for all information about the Italian culture and education. Getting your Italian Certified We regularly hold certification exams for Italian Language proficiency. Approach us if you would like to get your Italian certified according to the exams offered by the Universities for Foreigners of Perugia and Siena, respectively. If you would like to learn Italian, you will be glad to find out that we have courses available for Italian learners. They run in small classes, with a minimum class size of 5 students. We have a number of schedules available, in daytime, evenings, weekends, as well as intensive courses that run Monday to Friday. Please browse our courses and get in touch with us if you have any question at all.
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Liberis Spanish School

We are a team of Spanish and Latin American teachers in Singapore, and we're here to share our language and culture with all of you. We work hard to provide variety and flexibility to suit every individual's needs. We always strive to deliver high quality teaching in a conductive learning environment. Liberis Spanish School is located right in the heart of Singapore - situated intimately in Park Mall (opposite Plaza Singapura) since 2011. Liberis specializes exclusively in Spanish language teaching and the dissemination of our Spanish culture.
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Established in 1901, Linguaphone is the world leader in the field of languages. We operate in more than 75 countries worldwide, offering 600 courses in over 30 languages from beginners' level to University standard. In our existence of more than a century, we have helped 100 million people worldwide learn a new language, including academics from top universities, executives from MNCs, high profile politicians, statesmen as well as royalty. In Singapore, we are one of the very few language institutes offering a combination of classroom tutorials, unique course materials and our very own adopted learning system. Our courses are structured to increase confidence, motivation and interaction between all participants. We provide the best tools and support, advice, training materials and specially qualified native-speaking teachers. We care about you as our student, and your success in learning with us will be our pride. Do find out more about our language courses and contact us if you have any question. We look forward to hear from you!
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Minsi International Beijing

Have you considered taking some time off your schedule to join a Chinese course? China is the place to learn Chinese, and at Minsi International, we are well equipped to ensure you have a productive and fuss free time in Beijing. Choosing to learn Chinese with us means choosing for: 1. Quality All our Chinese teachers are highly qualified professionals. Through our in-house quality assurance program, we ensure they meet and surpass the highest standard in teaching Mandarin. Additionally, teachers are observed weekly by a supervisor to ensure continued quality teaching. Our class size is ultra-small: besides one-to-one lessons, you have the option to join mini group lessons with 2-3 students. This means that our teachers can truly focus on teaching what you need to learn, whether you are a complete beginner who just wants to be able to speak a bit or a native Chinese finance professional who just needs to brush up on finance specific terms. 2. Reliability We stand behind our promises. We provide you the option for refund should you ever be less than satisfied with our teaching and other service. 3. Convenience We will go out of our way for you to ensure your trip to Beijing is as smooth as possible. This starts with our school's convenient location at 5 minutes walk from Chaoyangmen metro station, with shopping, Starbucks, banks and foodcourts close by. We also have every support service you can imagine. We organise cultural trips, can help you with your visa if needed and will arrange accommodation according to your requirements and budget. So whether you're a parent looking to introduce your children to Chinese language in a fun way during a family trip, or a business person in need to sharpen his business Chinese, we are there to make learning Chinese as convenient for you as possible. While we have listed our Chinese courses here, we can customise a course specifically for your needs, so please get in touch and we will be glad to discuss the possibilities with you!
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Sejong Korean Language School

Sejong Korean Language School (Singapore) is a MOE registered Korean Language Centre. It is located opposite Tanjong Pagar MRT and was established by a Native Korean Teacher who has lived in Singapore for many yearsWe connect you to Korea by referencing local examples - Teachers speak excellent English. This is often forgotten but extremely importantCustom-made Specialist Syllabus- Our syllabus is closely aligned to TOPIK exam- We cover more than the typical 'Korean for foreigners' textbooks- Extremely well-structured Korean classesTrademark Teaching Style- We train all our teachers from scratch: We do not just hand them a textbook and tell them what to cover in each lesson- This ensures that your Korean lesson content is systematic and engagging.- We only work with MOE registered Korean teachers. We do not hire "ad hoc" Korean language teachers without proper certification and employment contracts.
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Sunthorn Phu Thai Language Centre

Who are we? Sunthornphu Thai Language Center, founded in 2014, is the first school in Singapore, or perhaps the first one outside Thailand, that exclusively focuses on the teaching of Thai and the dissemination of the cultures associated with this language. In view of Thailand’s economic development over the past decades, increasing number of expatriates and tourists, as well as inauguration of AEC in 2015, we aim to foster deeper inter-cultural understanding between Thais and non-Thais through teaching of language and culture, as language is the key to integration into the local society. Name of the Center Sunthornphu (1786 – 1855) is one of the most prominent figures known for his contribution to Thai literature. He is best-known Royal poet, during the Rattanakosin Era. His conventions in epic poetry are popular in Thailand to the present day, and are still studied by Thai students in school, as akin to Shakespeare’s plays for English literature, or Goethe for the German. His masterpiece, Phra Aphai Mani saga, has been adapted into various media such as novels, comics, cartoons, and films. The Center is named after Sunthornphu in his honor for his great contribution to Thai culture, especially in the aspect of literature. Our Center will carry on his legacy, to spread Thai Language and Culture abroad the Kingdom to the rest of the whole world. We will not only be teaching the language, but will also provide you with the insight into Thailand, as well as promoting Thai culture through other means such as screening film, library, and agency for many other Thai-related activities locally with collaboration from the local Thai Royal Embassy.
81 - 88 of 88 results
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Holiday Mandarin Course - 4 Weeks 1 reviews
Do you have the ambition to improve your Mandarin level? Do you want to learn Mandarin during the daytime, and learn as fast as possible?Then join our Holiday Mandarin course, which runs year-round, Mondays to Fridays 1-4pm. We have different classes for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced lessons, and are determined to help you progress in your Chinese ability. Whether you are a complete beginner with zero knowledge of Mandarin, or an experienced Mandarin speaker looking to improve writing skills, you will find a home with us.We also offer flexibility: during the lessons, you will be exposed to Chinese conversation and reading and writing. If your goal is to work on only one of these two skills, you can attend only the relevant lessons. With enough notice, we are able to get you started for this course on any Monday of your choice. So get in touch with us! Click "Enquiry" below!

Certificate in Standard English (Beginner) - 1.5 months 12 reviews
Do you want to learn English in Singapore? If you only speak a little English and want to start learning the English language really well, this course is for you. The students in this course are all (young) adults. (60 Lessons in total) During this course, you will learn all aspects of English language: English grammar, English words, reading, listening, speaking and writing. This course is the foundation for further English learning, at our school or elsewhere. We will be using one textbook (either Headway or Cutting Edge), to teach the English language. We will cover many topics, for example: greetings and introductions, describing different places, modes of transport, blogging, tourism. How to join The course fee includes Fee Protection Scheme fees. You will need to show you have medical insurance. If you don't, we can help you to sign up for insurance. We will do a level test when you sign up, and can advise you then on the best level for you to join, so that you get most out of your English lessons. Note: since this is a part-time English course, it doesn't qualify for a student pass. To join this course, please click the "inquire now!" button below. We will get back to you to answer your questions and help you sign up!

Private Mandarin Course 1 reviews
Do you have limited time, are you usually very busy or are you facing an unpredictable schedule? Perhaps all three apply to you, and in this situation, finding the time and structure to learn a language is no easy feat. Have you considered engaging one of our Mandarin language teachers? By taking our private tuition you will enjoy the following advantages:Total FlexibilityYou decide not only the time and frequency, but also the location of your Mandarin lessons. This can be at your home, your office, or our language centre.Customised Course MaterialsNo one-size-fits-all approach for materials either. Our structured Mandarin course is pitched exactly to meet your personal and professional needs, so that it delivers what you want from it.Learn at Your Own PaceIf you are a fast learner, you may complete your course in a shorter period of time and if you need extra help, we will make sure you get it. This way, your learning results are maximised, no matter what your learning style and speed is.Personalised LearningSome people learn visually while others prefer to listen to recordings. Whatever your learning style is, our instructor will make sure to deliver the lessons in the style that works best for you.Online SupportWe don't stop at providing you a teacher during your scheduled class hours. If you need support while working on assignments or bump into something while trying to use Mandarin in real life, you can make use of our support service and ask us questions by phone, e-mail or fax. By signing up for this course, you will have access to this service up to 3 months after your course ends. Schedule: Entirely up to you. We provide an example date below, but let us know your preferred start date and we will work out a schedule with you! Before the start, we will assess your existing level of Mandarin and make sure that the course is pitched exactly at your level. In the pre-start assessment, we go beyond asking what you want to learn. We will also show you what is needed from you to get to your desired destination in terms of Mandarin fluency. The start date below is just one of the many possible dates. We start with your schedule in mind when planning the schedule for our Mandarin language teacher. Do you have any question or would you like to make an appointment for a needs assessment? Click "enquire Now" below!