A/B testing: Is your website wasting valuable traffic?

How effective is your website in turning visitors into enquiries?Some air conditioners are wasteful. Every single day, they use more electricity than their efficient peers to provide exactly the same cooling.

It’s the same with websites. Except that they don’t waste electricity but marketing dollars or enquiries.

What percentage of visitors to your website contacts you? If it’s now 3% and it can be 6%, your website is wasting half of your website promotion budget.

To go from a website that wastes valuable traffic to one that efficiently converts traffic into leads may only take a few relatively small changes.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly which changes to make. It’s different for every business, school and website and depends on a lot of factors.

But I can tell you how to answer the following questions:

  • How efficient is my site right now?
  • What should I change to improve things?

A/B testing is the key.

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How many phone calls are language schools missing?

Missed vs. answered phone calls

Average % of phone calls missed by language schools

We have collected statistics of hundreds of phone calls to language schools. How many phone calls went unanswered?

On average, schools missed 30% of incoming calls.

The numbers vary greatly though. Some schools manage to pick up 90% of the calls, others pick up on only 40% of incoming calls.

If you currently only answer 40% of your calls, you can sign up twice as many students on the phone by doubling that number to 80%. Without spending one extra ad dollar.

One of the reasons schools miss out on phone calls is that they don’t have their phone line covered at all times.

Which hours in the day see the highest incoming call volume?

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Many schools are taking advantage of Google Places. Are you?

If you search by your school name in Google, do you immediately see this kind of result, with a prominent picture, map and your address?

Google Places Profile

To generate this result, Google combines the data it has in its search index with the information from Google Places. They have also imported information from Streetdirectory, so it’s possible you got listed that way.

Try it out! Does your page immediately come up with the listing on the right?

If you’re not getting a similar result, read on.

You can get yourself set up in just a couple of minutes. Here are the steps:

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For Rent: space for school

Upper Thomson

Are you looking to expand? I got a tip that this place is available for rent.

Address: 213 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574348

What: This is a modern building in an area that’s popular for its tuition schools. Lots of food available. About 10 mins from Marymount MRT. French Toast Language Centre is located on Level 2. Levels 3 and 4 are currently available for rent, and a language school would be preferred.

Area: Each level is approximately 1500 square feet

Cost: Around S$ 6000 / level

Interested? Drop me a message at info@yagosingapore.com.

New: Place a link on Yago

Many of you have asked me for it, and I’m finally listening to you all: since 1st February 2013, we’ve added links to your school website.

To get the link back, you’ll need to be on a premium account (the one that is charged at S$ 100 / month).

Every page that concerns your school will have prominent buttons linking to your website. This is how it looks like:

Link to website

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Marketing campaign ideas: the one question they always need to answer

Paper with the letters "MORE" on a fish hook

How to hook people with your marketing campaign?

Are you out of marketing campaign ideas right now? The good news is that perhaps you’re simply making it too difficult for yourself.

Marketing campaign ideas shouldn’t be about artistic expression. You’re not spending your advertising budget to be discovered as a great artist. The sole purpose is to convince people to do something.

You can get creative all you want, but if you want to inspire people to action, you only need to answer this one question:

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The Consumer Decision Journey: Internet Changes How People Choose

Railroad track pointsIf you wanted to buy a car in the 90s, you had not much choice but to rely on the information provided by the car brands themselves.

If you’d buy a car today (in spite of the record COE prices), you’d probably turn to the Internet to find out what other peoples’ experiences have been with the particular cars you’re considering.

A couple of bad reviews, and you might decide a certain model isn’t suitable for you. That would save the time of going down to the dealer.

And it’s the same with any important purchase. Including language courses.

McKinsey has come up with a model that captures these changes well: The Consumer Decision Journey. Understand this model, and you might realise your marketing effort is focused on all the wrong places.

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Let students book online on Yago

In collaboration with EventNook.com and PayPal, we are making it possible for you to receive direct registrations and credit card payments from yago.sg, your own website, and anywhere else online.

How does it work?

We will help you set up EventNook and PayPal.

EventNook provides a booking widget, which you can place anywhere on the web. The widget lists the available start dates and pricing options.

When someone clicks the “book” button, they are taken to an enrollment form which you can customize. After that, they are taken to a payment page, where they can make payment by credit card, or you can provide instructions for cash, cheque or bank transfer payment.

You can keep track of registrations and payments in your EventNook account. Money paid by credit card will come to your PayPal account instantly (minus a % commission) and you can withdraw this to your bank account.

What’s the benefit?

It makes it easier for students to sign up, which will mean more registrations. It can also streamline your registration process.

This is a limited time trial and only the PayPal fee (3.5% + S$ 0.50 per transaction) is payable, if you choose to accept credit card payments. Let me know if you’re interested to participate!

Only Great Reviews are truly convincing. How to get them?

Students might not tell you, but we are seeing more and more visitors on our site looking for reviews of specific schools.

We can see it by the queries they use (like “inlingua singapore review”) and by the pages they visit.

Great reviews from previous and current students used to be a “nice to have”. Now you can truly not do without them.

How can you make your reviews work harder for you?

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New: Introducing Sponsored Search on Yago

How many phone calls, enquiries and students you get from your listings on Yago depends a lot on how prominently your course shows up when people search for a particular language course.

The schools whose course appears on top, especially for Korean, Mandarin and English, receive phone calls from prospective students every day.

Now you can be one of them, because we’re introducing sponsored search results.

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