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English Grammar


This practical programme is created to enable each learner to master grammatical rules and exceptions; clarify and erase all doubts and misunderstandings and provide a suitable platform for learners to individually practice using their knowledge in real time, according to their personal requirements


- Acquire a firm grasp of English Prepositions and Articles

- Understand the relationship between prepositions and other parts of speech

- Gain a firm understanding of the usage of articles and their relationship to nouns and noun phrases

- Acquire the ability to use prepositions and articles correctly in your communication

- Learn to identify your prepostional and article errors and correct them

- Reduce confusion and misunderstanding in your communication


Course Dates: 21 Sep 2016 to 19 Oct 2016 (Every Wednesday)

Time: 7pm to 10pm

Total class size: 3 persons only


Course name: English Grammar
Includes: Tuition fee, Administrative fee, Course material
Price: S$ 360.00
Locations: 33A Pagoda Street Singapore 059192

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Write your commentI was very happy to know this course and this school. Mrs. Chan is very experienced teacher, not only as a "English" teacher, but also as a experts who have industry experience. Also it was very helpful for me that she told me about frequent mistakes that many non- native English speaker Asian people does.

on 12 Aug 2016


Clare Fu

I attended the grammar course in February. The setting was small and cosy and conducive for learning. The teacher was really good, the best I have learned from. She is able to pinpoint our problems and work with us to fix it and all the teachings are very practical. Not textbook based at all. It is not a big centre at all. I think they do more private 1:1 classes and believe in keeping the group classes very small. I only had 3 in my class. this makes it very very personal which is hard to find these days.

on 03 Aug 2016


Vivienne Hew

There are so many teachers in my journey of learning English, yet only one has given me the opportunity to see myself improving my English by your continuous support and guidance. Yes that is you, Teacher Leng. I am thankful and grateful to having you as my English teacher. I’m learning a lot in your class during these two years. You guided me through by showing me different techniques that I can use for my work presentation. I am glad that you ever customized a topic of ‘School Banner’ for me to share with my classmate whereby I can apply on how to prepare for a great presentation at work as well. With such a great passion which you had for teaching and you never left us alone, feeling lost and confused. When I did something wrong, instead of criticizing my homework and assignment, you explained why it was a problem and how to do it better. Also, you never hesitated for just a moment, no matter how long it took to correct my errors. I really appreciate your guidance and thank you for expecting me to do my very best in my homework. You are the best Teacher and a good mentor I ever had in my life.

on 12 May 2016


Malinda Jiang

First and foremost I'd like to thank you, Ms Leng Chan, for being a great teacher. You brighten up the classroom with your delightful and efficient teaching style. Your patience and your guidance has helped me learn how to read and write, your encouragement has helped me build a greater self-confidence in speaking. I really have learned a lot in your class. Thank you for all the hard work you put in teaching us.

on 12 May 2016


Ronald Cheng

Leng Chan is one of the best English teachers I have ever seen. She is a very knowledgeable, resourceful and highly skilled professional trainer. One of her skills which I admired is her ability to listen to her students. She always puts her students first in any situation. With her guidance and support in the course of English Focus Group Study (Level 1 to Level 4), I improved my English writing skill a lot.

on 12 May 2016

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Course Fee : S$360.00


Part Time
Tuition fee, Administrative fee, Course material

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