Intensive Chinese Class in Beijing at Mandarin Zone School

Intensive Chinese Class in Beijing


Intensive Chinese program in Bejing is designed for students who come from outside of China. All year round applications, Chinese course duration from two weeks to one year or longer. 

- Small group class, 20 hours/week ( 2-6 students); 

- Individual class, 20 hours/week or 30 hours/week;










Course name: Intensive Chinese Class in Beijing
Includes: Tuition fee, Administrative fee, Exam fee, Course material
Price: S$ 600.00
Locations: No. 12 Nongzhangguan Nanli Beijing 100125

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Celia Caturelli

I started to learn Chinese in Berlin three years ago. In August 2016 I came to Beijing for three weeks of Chinese study. I found Mandarin Zone School on the internet, they spoke to me immediately and answered all my questions quickly and efficiently. The employees and the teachers are very kind; In every sense, Margaret was the bridge to understand a lot in this beautiful city. Qi Laoshi (my Chinese teacher) was professionally engaged and interested. Every hour with her was a great joy; she was very patient with my attempts to speak Chinese. I stayed with a Host family in Beijing and ate traditional Chinese food. It was excellent! The family helped me to understand many aspects of Chinese culture. I learned a lot but also gained a relationship with Beijing. When I had to leave, I had the impression of having a small family. I felt the impulse to continue working on my Chinese in the hope to come back soon to Mandarin Zone School! on 30 october 2016

on 31 Oct 2016


Manon Péneau

I strongly recommend Mandarin Zone School for anyone willing to learn Chinese, no matter his/her level. Working in Beijing, I needed both flexibility and courses tailored to my level and objectives. 6 months at Mandarin Zone School really enabled me to make quick progress, and working with friendly, professional and dedicated teachers was a real pleasure!

on 01 Feb 2016


Tim O'Connor

As a beginner, I was able to learn Chinese pronunciation. With what I learnt over 6 days, it has helped me understand what is being said around me. I now have a good understanding of sentence structure. Now with some practical experience should be able to carry a simple conversation. I am very grateful to my teacher Sophia for her patient instruction.

on 09 Oct 2015


Peter Nordlinger

I studied at Mandarin Zone for almost one year and found it to be a warm friendly environment filled with knowledgeable teachers. My two teachers were both well-trained, experienced, perceptive and patient. I recommend "Mandarin Zone" to you if you are looking for a relaxed place to learn from cool, brilliant teachers.

on 21 Jul 2015


Eros Buffarini

I did the Intensive individual Class 20 hours every week for nearly 8 months. When I arrived in the school my chinese spoken level was intermediate and I can't recognize even one single hanzi. Thanks to Mandarin Zone now my spoken chinese is at intermediate/advanced level and my listening skills also improved a lot. In terms of reading my actual knowledge allow me to pass easily the HSK Level 4. I strongly reccomend Mandarin Zone to the students who wants to improve their chinese in a professional and effective way.

on 14 Jul 2015

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Quick Facts

Course Facts

Course Fee : S$600.00


Full Time
Tuition fee, Administrative fee, Exam fee, Course material

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