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Business Chinese Course (Intermediate)

Elite Business Chinese Course @ Intermediate Level is a series of 3 Modules spanning over a period of 9 months, with 8 sessions in each 2 months module, at the frequency of 1 session per week, with a 1 month resting interval between the modules. We design the course in a Trilogy mode, with a distinctive topic focus in every module to ensure relevance to your daily life or work needs. This gives you the flexibility to choose the module of your interest that fits your schedule as well. For example, you may join module II without the prerequisite of finishing module I.


This course is designed to achieve the below proficiency level, after the completion of 48 lesson hours @ Intermediate Level


  • The confidence to appropriately express your thoughts or to hold more sophisticated conversations with a Chinese person, from daily life topics to current affairs or industry-specific knowledge
  • The ability to conduct presentations and answer questions in Chinese fluently, without being handicapped by limited vocabularies and phrases.
  • Expossure to China’s social trend and business culture   


Key Highlights:


Highlight 1: 2 same class running in 2 strategic locations – In Jurong East & Bugis once per week. If you miss a lesson, just inform Elite and you can attend the replacement lesson at the other center.


Highlight 2: Curriculum is well defined but not set in stone - Every registered student will fill up a profiling form, to tick and choose the topic of your interest. Trainers will further customize and supplement the curriculum base on such information.


Highlight 3: Interactive, fun, relevant and practical - You will have many opportunities to practice your expression skills and even presentation skills in Chinese through role play, games and showcase activities, equipped with the useful vocabularies in a systematic manner.


Highlight 4: Examine what you have learned - We will organise a culture session [tea appreciation in a tea house with professional demonstration] after the completion of 8 sessions, in conjunction with a contest between Bugis class and Jurong East class.


The Theme of Trilogy

Module I - Living & Breathing in Singapore & China (8 Sessions)

Module II - The World of Corporate & Finance (8 Sessions)

Module III - Master the Business & Sales (8 Sessions)


Key Topics of Module I: Living & Breathing in Singapore & China


  • Career & Family
  • Health & Lifestyle
  • Travel & Culture
  • Housing & Living Cost


Note: The last session will be an assignment of presentation on the topic of your choice. The topic above is to define the scope of the vocabularies and set as the scenario backgrounds. A series of activities will be conducted to teach a glossary of the vocabularies within the topic.


Proficiency Requirement: To maximise the effectiveness of learning for this level and curriculum, ideally the whole class should be at the similar proficiency level. As a rule of thumb, you should be able to converse in daily conversation, but may typically mix with 20-30% of English vocabularies. If you are not sure, give us a call at 9799 5377 and we will do a quick 2 minutes conversation to determine your level. No preparation is required.


Course name: Business Chinese Course
Includes: Tuition fee, Administrative fee, GST
Price: S$ 168.00

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Tuition fee, Administrative fee, GST

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