International BCT Conversational Level 1 [Up to 95% SkillsFuture Grant] at SGP International Management Academy (SIMA)

International BCT Conversational Level 1 [Up to 95% SkillsFuture Grant]


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International BCT Conversational Level 1 Course

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BCT Conversational Level 1 Course


Target Occupation(s)

The Chinese Workplace Literacy (CWPL) Programme, also known as “Business Chinese”,

was developed based on the feedback from industry partners that it is useful for employees

who need to upgrade their Chinese competency for workplace usage.

Suitability for Foundation Level are participants who has never studied Chinese before

and /or with Primary 3 and below on Chinese language proficiency.


Quality and outcome indicators:

It is targeted to help individuals acquire the necessary Chinese proficiency skills so

that they can handle workplace situations in which Chinese language is required.

In addition to the above,

▲ Individuals who are interested to learn/master Business Chinese to enhance

employability in businesses that require proficiency in Chinese language.

▲Individuals who intend to venture into China market.

▲Employees who have working relationship with China and need Chinese

language proficiency in business communication.

▲Employees who need Chinese language proficiency to communicate with

inbound Chinese.


Training Duration:

Part-time training, 7-10pm

72 hrs, inclusive of 69 training hrs and 3 hrs general revision

24 sessions, 3 hrs/session, inclusive of 20 mins tea break/session

Twice a week, 3 months(e.g every Mon & Thu or every Tue & Fri)


E-learning Hours:

SIMA provides 24 hrs free E-Learning Portal every day for those who signed up

SIMA Business Chinese Language Course, it’s an extracurricular supplementary

learning method.



Assessment Hours:

All participants will take International Business Chinese Test (China Hanban)

upon their course completion.     


Course Accrediting Body:

SSG/China Hanban


Course Fee:

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Course name: International BCT Conversational Level 1 [Up to 95% SkillsFuture Grant]
Includes: Tuition fee, GST
Price: S$ 615.60
Locations: 106A Singapore 151106

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130 Course reviews

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jaki moge dać opis pod zdjęcie na nk Dobry artykul, dodalam twoja blog do ulubionych jak zdobyć popularność na blogu

on 11 Jun 2017



I would like to thank SIMA for teaching me Chinese so well that now I am able to communicate with Chinese nationals and my new employer is shocked that I am able to speak a little mandarin!

on 05 May 2017


Gani S/O Arivalan

I can now communicated with my colleagues from China efficiently !

on 05 May 2017


Jackson Tan

Staff from SIMA has been very encouraging for me to learn Chinese when i sounded interest. It was a hard decision as I studied English school in the 60s and I am in my 70s now. However, I am glad that I found SIMA and glad that I picked up another language so easily!

on 05 May 2017


Kim Bo Ra

Love the course, love the classmates, love the teacher and love the language!

on 05 May 2017

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Quick Facts

Course Facts

Course Fee : S$615.60


Part Time
Tuition fee, GST

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Main Office

SGP International Management Academy (SIMA)


Singapore 151106


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