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TCF and TCF Quebec Exam Preparation


French Faster, the only Online French Language School in Singapore, provides TCF and TCFQ (TCF Quebec) exam preparation. The TCF exam is a French proficiency exams that places students into one of the 6 proficiency levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2). TCFQ (TCF Quebec) is a special version of the TCF exam meant for those who are immigrating to Quebec. We have a lot of experience preparing students for the TCF and TCFQ exams, and we know the best way to prepare for these exams in the shortest possible time.


We provide French classes from Monday to Sunday, from 10am to 2am (Singapore time). This means you can even take our classes before/after work hours. The duration of the class can be 1h, 1.5h, 2h, 2.5h or 3h. You can also decide how many times you wish to have classes in a week. You can choose your preferred days and time for the class.


Our TCF/TCFQ Preparation course is delivered online through Skype with a native French tutor. It is not pre-recorded video lessons. You can interact with your teacher as in face-to-face. To take this class, you need: a PC, a good internet connection, a speaker and a webcam (optional). Skype is free and easy to install and use. We can assist you to install Skype if you need any technical assistance.


You can study in the comfort of your home. You don't waste time commuting to the school. The course is very cheap; you can’t get this price anywhere! You have the full, undivided attention of the teacher, with maximum opportunity to speak French!


All our French language tutors are qualified native French speakers with good experience teaching children. They are bilingual in French and English. They are trained to teach using the FRENCHFASTER METHOD. They are based in Mauritius, where the official languages are French and English.


We provide all learning materials (lesson notes, worksheets, audio files). You don’t need to buy any books separately. These are sent to you (as email attachments) at least 3 days before the class. Our learning materials are interactive and they are specifically designed for online learning. 


We have a few packages: 4h package @ $140 ($35/hour) | 10h package @ $300 ($30/hour) | 20h package @ $500 ($25/hour)30h package @ $690 ($23/hour) | 40h package @ $800 ($20/hour)


If you are curious to give this a try, you can take our free 25-min trial lesson. This is delivered as a private lesson with the teacher online. We need 2-3 days advance notice to set up a trial lesson.

To book a free trial lesson, simply send us a message by clicking "enquiry" below!


Course name: TCF and TCF Quebec Exam Preparation
Includes: Tuition fee, Administrative fee, Course material, GST
Price: S$ 25.00
Locations: Singapore Singapore 159836

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Dima Al Samarji

Hello, this is Dima , I am contacting you from Ontario , Canada. My two young brothers are living in Lebanon and want to apply as immigrant to Quebec,Canada. However, they have to pass the test of “TCF Quebec “ , they need Help to reach B2 level . I am wondering if theevjs someone who. Is expert in this test ,can help them through Skype and email and I can pay from Canada. Thank you Best Regards Dima Al Samarji

on 16 Dec 2017


Romey Edward

I am writing to enquire about the options for individual or online learning with basic French. Kindly advise.

on 01 Nov 2015


Aimee Paner

I had to cram for the TCFQ exam in 2 months and although some people said that it's quite impossible to even get a level 1 in it, I took chances by doing online tutorials with Frenchfaster. At first Nageeb was very convincing when he told me that his tutors are trained to prepare crammers like me for the exam. And he was right, he assigned me Nadjia who eventually became a good friend of mine. Nadjia is a very hardworking tutor who knows exactly how to prepare students for whatever they need French for. In 30 hours she was able to help me get a level 1 in TCFQ which is quite more difficult than DELF A1. So I would surely recommend Frenchfaster, nothing is impossible with them and if possible ask Nadjia to be your tutor, she'll definitely help you get there.

on 11 Mar 2014


Malhar Padh

Initially I was hesitant about learning online but after meeting Nageeb and Zarrina, I had a big boost of confidence! I have now reached quite a good level in French. For those who want to achieve their objective in a short time, this is it!!! You don't need to think twice. I scored B1 in listening and A2 in speaking with just one month of intensive classes with Zarrina. The Frenchfaster approach and teaching style are very effective, and the lesson content very exam-focused, the teachers very professional. I was well prepared to answer all questions that came out in the exam, especially the Speaking test. Thank you Frenchfaster!

on 11 Mar 2014


Muhammad Haris

Great teacher. Very patient, very friendly. Helped me pass my A2 level exam (TCFQ) with ease. Flexible approach, and revises thoroughly throughout the sessions. Would love to study more with her. Thanks Shabneez !

on 11 Mar 2014

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