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TEF and TEFAQ Exam Preparation


French Faster, the only Online French Language School in Singapore, provides TEF and TEFAQ exam preparation. The TEF exam is a French proficiency exams that places students into one of the 6 proficiency levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2). TEFAQ is a special version of the TEF exam meant for those who are immigrating to Quebec. We have a lot of experience preparing students for the TEF and TEFAQ exams, and we know the best way to prepare for these exams in the shortest possible time.


We provide French classes from Monday to Sunday, from 10am to 2am (Singapore time). This means you can even take our classes before/after work hours. The duration of the class can be 1h, 1.5h, 2h, 2.5h or 3h. You can also decide how many times you wish to have classes in a week. You can choose your preferred days and time for the class.


Our TEF/TEFAQ Preparation course is delivered online through Skype with a native French tutor. It is not pre-recorded video lessons. You can interact with your teacher as in face-to-face. To take this class, you need: a PC, a good internet connection, a speaker and a webcam (optional). Skype is free and easy to install and use. We can assist you to install Skype if you need any technical assistance.


You can study in the comfort of your home. You don't waste time commuting to the school. The course is very cheap; you can’t get this price anywhere! You have the full, undivided attention of the teacher, with maximum opportunity to speak French!


All our French language tutors are qualified native French speakers with good experience teaching children. They are bilingual in French and English. They are trained to teach using the FRENCHFASTER METHOD. They are based in Mauritius, where the official languages are French and English.


We provide all learning materials (lesson notes, worksheets, audio files). You don’t need to buy any books separately. These are sent to you (as email attachments) at least 3 days before the class. Our learning materials are interactive and they are specifically designed for online learning. 


We have a few packages: 4h package @ $140 ($35/hour) | 10h package @ $300 ($30/hour) | 20h package @ $500 ($25/hour)30h package @ $690 ($23/hour) | 40h package @ $800 ($20/hour)


If you are curious to give this a try, you can take our free 25-min trial lesson. This is delivered as a private lesson with the teacher online. We need 2-3 days advance notice to set up a trial lesson.

To book a free trial lesson, simply send us a message by clicking "enquiry" below!


Course name: TEF and TEFAQ Exam Preparation
Includes: Tuition fee, Administrative fee, Course material, GST
Price: S$ 25.00
Locations: Singapore Singapore 159836

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Sankalp Sachdeva

Magical Anju helped me go from B1 to B2, in TEFAQ Listening exam, within 14 hours!! When I came to French Faster, I had attempted the TEFAQ listening exam already 3 times with the same result: B1. I'm from India, staying in Montreal for the last 3 years and was taking private coaching for French ~6 hours a week. That had helped me to reach from 0 to B1 level within 9 months. 3 days before my 4th scheduled exam, Anju taught me 3 classes of 2h each in the next 2 days. After these 6h, the result was still B1. It was like a frustrating glass ceiling for me. The next exam gave me some more time in between and Anju convinced me for taking another 8h of classes. I also felt like I haven't given French Faster a fair chance with only 6h. I took another 8h package and this time after Anju's numerous grueling listening exercise, I finally achieved "B2". I would like to thank Anju and French Faster from the bottom of my heart, for taking my ship through to the last dreaded mile in the journey.

3 weeks, 6 days ago


Niru Patel

I have got B1 level for Speaking and A1 for Listening for my TEFAQ test. In fact, I almost got B2 (since the score for B2 is 270 and I got 265). Now I can go ahead to submit my file for Quebec immigration. I am very grateful to my teacher Zarrina for teaching me and helping me attain my objective. She made learning French so easy and stress-free. Even the examiner was impressed by my progress in such a short time. Thank you very much French Faster.

on 18 Mar 2015


Simone Bailey

Hopeless and helpless...I had nowhere to turn but to try the unknown, French Faster skype lessons. I thought to myself, it is a win or a loose but I had to risk it. It took me ONLY 18 hours of French to achieve A1 in Oral Comprehension and A2 in Oral Expression in the TEFAQ exam. I am extremely happy with my result.The teaching strategies were exceptional. There aren't enough words to express how thankful I am to Nageeb. The overall service was excellent.

on 18 Mar 2015


Maria Teresa Diez

I've been with French Faster for a few months now and they've been nothing but great. They always make sure that I get everything I need in learning French. I guess it's because they have given me one of the best teachers, Amiirah. She's a very good teacher. She's prompt, patient, and well-organized. Everything a student wants in a teacher is in her.

on 18 Mar 2015


Natasha F.

I sought out French Faster when I realised I had only 2-3 weeks to sit for the TEFAQ examination. I had just finished a month-long full-time French course that promised to take me to the level I needed but it was a huge disappointment and clearly a rip-off. I had earlier seen FrenchFaster online but was wary of the whole Skype-tutoring online set-up but I was at the end of my rope. I signed up for 30 hours and was paired up with Nadjia. She was incredible! She tutored me every morning and evening for the entire two weeks, pushed me to hammer down grammar, provided ample test-sample listening exercises and still managed to make the whole process extremely enjoyable. It is purely thanks to her that I scored B2 in both comprehension orale and expression orale. I highly recommend French Faster, whether you want to learn the language leisurely or in a short span of time. The value for money is incredible and the benefits far outweigh all other language courses.

on 18 Mar 2015

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