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French in lieu of Mother Tongue (Primary)


The French in lieu of Mother Tongue program is meant for primary school students exempted from the mother tongue language (Mandarin, Malay, Tamil). Currently, 300+ students are enrolled in our special French in lieu of Mother Tongue program which is recognized by all local primary schools and approved by the MOE in Singapore. We have been providing this course since 2007.


This program runs through the whole year and follows the Singapore school term. Students can choose their preferred days and time for the classes and need book the slots in advance. Classes are delivered once a week, from Mon-Sun, from 11am (Singapore time) onwards. The duration of each class is 55 minutes.


Either the mother OR the father can also attend this program together with the child. There is no extra cost for the parent to attend. Parental attendance is optional and we especially recommend it for young learners (P1 and P2).


The program is delivered online through Skype with a private tutor.It is not pre-recorded video lessons. You can interact with your teacher as in face-to-face. To take this class, you need: a PC, a good internet connection, a speaker and a webcam. Skype is free and easy to install and use. We can assist you to install Skype if you need any technical assistance.


You and your child can study in the comfort of your home. You don't waste time commuting to the school. The course is very cheap; you can’t get this price anywhere! You have the full, undivided attention of the teacher, with maximum opportunity to speak French!


All our teachers are qualified native French speakers with good experience teaching children. They are bilingual in French and English. They are trained to teach using the FRENCHFASTER METHOD. They are based in Mauritius, where the official languages are French and English.


We provide all learning materials (lesson notes). You don’t need to buy any books separately. These are sent to you (as email attachments) at least 3 days before the class. Our learning materials are interactive and they are specifically designed for online learning.


Payment is made on a term basis. For 1 term = S$150 (6 classes). There are a minimum 6 classes per Term. You can take extra classes at S$25/class.


If you are curious to give this a try, you can take our free 25-min trial lesson. This is delivered as a private lesson with the teacher online. We need 2-3 days advance notice to set up a trial lesson.

To book a free trial lesson, simply send us a message by clicking "enquiry" below!


Course name: French in lieu of Mother Tongue (Primary)
Includes: Tuition fee, Administrative fee, Exam fee, Course material, GST
Price: S$ 150.00
Locations: Singapore Singapore 159836

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Lauren Manabat

Learning French is one of my bighest challenge especially at my age (12 yrs old). At first, I thought I will be having a hard time learning it but because of the help of my teacher Ms. Rozeedah everything seems so easy, she is definitely a good teacher and she was really friendly and helpful. I like the way she teaches, she gave lots of exercises to improve my comprehension, correcting my mistakes whenever I pronounce it wrong and she keeps on encouraging me. The method of teaching through Skype works really well especially with the help and guidance of Ms. Rozeedah. I find her warm and patient.

on 24 Oct 2017


Leomie Tangalin

By the time my son Liam started Primary 5 this year, we decided to enroll him again, in French In Lieu of Mother Tongue but this time taking online tuition with French Faster where we met his teacher, Miss Shazia. Knowing my son as quiet reserved young man, Teacher Shazia friendly voice makes him confidently communicate to her. She is very encouraging teacher. She makes sure my son pronounce/read the french word/sentences correctly and patiently waited for him to understand his lessons well. When it comes to make up classes, she is considerate and accommodating to adjust her time so that Liam won't miss any of his lessons. I am happy to see my son showing interest in learning French language and seeing them sharing a good laugh sometimes, i knew i choose the right teacher for him. All the best for you Teacher Shazia and thank you!

on 24 Oct 2017



Ms Nadjia has been my children's French teacher since 2010! She started teaching my son Justin and then continued with my daughter Julia until now. It's really fun learning French as she makes it very interesting and easy to understand. She's very cheerful, patient, approachable and knowledgeable. She's also very flexible especially when some unavoidable circumstances happen or we have family trips, she's very accommodating to adjust the timing of our lesson. I would highly recommend Ms Nadjia because she's simply the best! I would like to take this opportunity to thank her for being such a wonderful teacher to my kids and a good friend to us. May she continue to help and inspire more students to learn French.

on 24 Oct 2017


Remy Romanillos

Ms Arshi is my son's and daughter's French Tutor since 2012 and 2016 respectively. Jahzeel, my son, had smooth learning curve when he first started with the lesson. He said Arshi is passionate and showed enthusiasm in teaching him so it wasn't so difficult for him especially in pronouncing the words. She is patient and kind to him he added. There were times when we forgot that he has lesson due to other school activities, and we urgently asked for change in schedule, and she was flexible. We were able to get another slot in another day. Arshi really ensures she can engage my son ever since he was in Primary 3. Now he is in Secondary 2 and still learning French in Lieu of Mother Tongue. Similarly, my daughter Hannah started when she was Primary 3. Arshishows consideration to her, that is why Hannah is very comfortable with her. French Language in known to be very difficult language especially in pronouncing the words, but by her skill and ability, both my son and daughter are comfortable. Hannah listens carefully and attentively throughout the lesson. Arshi motivates Hannah especially in pronouncing French words correctly. We can say that we are blessed that she is teaching both our children as she knows very well which approach is to be used and she uses unique strategy as per individual's capability. To this date, both of them are enjoying their time with Arshi and I believe they will learn proper French Language through her.

on 24 Oct 2017


joleen may pepito montevirgen

I want to learn French just in case if I have an internship in college in France, at least I will have a understanding about the people there.

on 23 Aug 2017

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