Certificate in Standard English (Beginner) - 1.5 months at Hanbridge School

Certificate in Standard English (Beginner) - 1.5 months


Do you want to learn English in Singapore? If you only speak a little English and want to start learning the English language really well, this course is for you. The students in this course are all (young) adults. (60 Lessons in total)

During this course, you will learn all aspects of English language: English grammar, English words, reading, listening, speaking and writing. This course is the foundation for further English learning, at our school or elsewhere.

We will be using one textbook (either Headway or Cutting Edge), to teach the English language. We will cover many topics, for example: greetings and introductions, describing different places, modes of transport, blogging, tourism.

How to join

The course fee includes Fee Protection Scheme fees. You will need to show you have medical insurance. If you don't, we can help you to sign up for insurance.

We will do a level test when you sign up, and can advise you then on the best level for you to join, so that you get most out of your English lessons.

Note: since this is a part-time English course, it doesn't qualify for a student pass.

To join this course, please click the "inquire now!" button below. We will get back to you to answer your questions and help you sign up!


Course name: Certificate in Standard English (Beginner) - 1.5 months
Includes: Tuition fee, Course material, Fee protection (PFS)
Price: S$ 1322.52
Locations: 231 Mountbatten Road, Blk F #01-01/02 Singapore 397999

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12 Course reviews

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Wu Yue

Time past very fast. I have been in Hanbridge for one year. One year, I have learnt a lot from teachers. The teachers in Hanbridge are very nice. They give students a lot of help which we need. The teaching of Hanbridge is remarkable. I really have to say thank you to the teachers since I am very grateful student. Hanbridge also gave me the chance to know a lot of friends. I got a lot of new friends. Anyway, Thank you.

on 21 Apr 2015


Zheng YouHe

In Hanbridge school. I think the teachers are very kind and nice. The students in our class are friendly with each other. the students are easy to get along with and nice. the teacher will be very helpful and bring good growth. I think tha is everything that I wanted to cover.

on 21 Apr 2015


Cui Qiang (Tracy)

I am so happy for being one of the students in Hanbridge School. I met many enthusiastic teacher and good friends. Hanbridge is my first school in Singapore and I will never forget it. I learned much knowledge not only about English but also about some Singapore history.

on 21 Apr 2015


Jiang MinRui

The books of the second term are very good. I can learn some new and interesting words from them. I also have a good time at Hanbridge school. Teachers are excellent teaching equipments are abundant. We should also make plans for ourselves and finish the assignments which we give to ourselves. Also we should do some review and exercise afterwards.

on 21 Apr 2015


Sun Yingda

I have been in Hanbridge for about two months. I work very hard. Maybe sometimes I relax myself. I listen the lessons carefully. One month later, I could understand what teacher's words. I felt very happy. It is not enough, I have to learn more skills about English. the writing lessons are very boring, it always repeat the same thing. In the two months, I do not have progress on my writing. Like English lessons, I felt it was difficult, we do difficult homework but we do not know how to do, so just copy.

on 21 Apr 2015

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Quick Facts

Course Facts

Course Fee : S$1322.52


Full Time
Tuition fee, Course material, Fee protection (PFS)

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