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Introduction to Korean


I'm sure you'd love to know Korean. That's why you're on this page. Looking for a Korean course to join. A course that will make you successful.

At Daehan Education Centre, we have a little secret to make our students successful. For years, we have kept it exclusively for our enrolled students: True love for Korean language and culture. It's a very powerful motivator to keep going and master the Korean language successfully.

And I am not only talking about K-pop. When you learn Korean, you will be able to interact with a culture of rich heritage. Korean will make you successful in life.

You may wonder why. The answer is related to these and other questions

- Who was Sejong the Great?
- Why are hanguel often called the world's most scientific writing system?
- Is language the hidden reason for Korea's economic success?

For years, we have answered these questions and more, to our students in our “intro to Korean” session. Everyone who enrolled with us has received this lesson before the start of their course.

Knowing the early origins and rich history of Korean language will make you realise how great an opportunity learning Korean really is. That's why our students learn Korean with so much success.

For the first time, we are opening up our intro seminar to the general public. Only on Yago. Join us and become a successful Korean learner, like our students. Whether you choose to study with us afterward is up to you.


Course name: Introduction to Korean
Includes: Tuition fee
Locations: 18 Jalan Masjid #02-06 Singapore 418944

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1 week, 5 days ago




1 week, 5 days ago


Andrew Yeo

I decided to learn Korean at Daehan after their introduction class! It was very engaging and I was even more motivated to learn Korean after that.. The staff and teachers were very patient and friendly. Overall the best Korean language centre I've come across!

on 25 Mar 2014


Ferty Law

I just started this language course about 1.5 months ago. I feel comfortable during the course with a friendly teacher and patient behaviour to make sure all of us can understand every words and pronounced. Thank you to Daehan School! ^^

on 05 Sep 2011


Sharon Goh Shiau Wen

Great place to learn your Korean !! My teacher is very helpful, interesting and funny too at times !! She does not rush us and quickly simply finish everything but helps and guide us till we really get it. Well, my teacher was also very updated with K-pop and she knows mostly all the latest K-pop groups and we sometimes talk about it too - she's amazing !! Try out Daehan and you probably won't want to go somewhere else ^^ By the way, she tests us every week so it's a good way to make sure we DO study what we learnt in the previous class :)

on 04 Sep 2011

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