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Business Mandarin Programme


Gain an edge in your Career with 70% subsidy for Singaporeans and PRs.

The Business Mandarin Programme is a collaboration between the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) and HANBAN, based in Beijing, China. The Singapore Chinese Chamber Institute of Business (SCCIOB) is the appointed training centre to conduct this programme.

It targets to assist working professionals acquire the necessary Chinese proficiency skills to handle business situations. Learners will achieve confidence, accuracy and fluency in Chinese communication and business writing through real life practical business scenarios.

- 70% WDA course fee grant and 20% training award* from SCCCI Foundation
- Nationally Recognised Programme
- Internationally recognised certificate from Hanban, China
- Choice of Comprehensive, Conversational and Writing Modules

* Terms and Conditions apply

Our Unique Strengths:

- Remarkable training experience: Trained more than 80% of the Business Mandarin studies market.
- Vast networking opportunities through the Chamber’s 40,000 strong business community
- Convenient and central location near City Hall MRT station
- Develop your confidence and ability to engage in a supportive learning environment
- Practical course curriculum delivered by our pool of experienced trainers
- Leverage on our insights to bridge language and cultural barriers

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Course name: Business Mandarin Programme
Includes: Tuition fee
Locations: City Hall Singapore

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Nguyen Khanh An

I took my Business Mandarin lesson at SCCIOB in the year 2010 and I must share that I have learned much much more Chinese than my entire life at Business Mandarin Programme at SCCIOB. I am now much more confident when it comes to interact with my colleagues in Guangzhou branch office. The classroom was small and the teacher would encourage each and everyone of us to use Mandarin in class itself via many different activity such as skit, presentation, etc. These are stressful sometimes but challenge make you a better person. Overcoming these give me confident to talk to other in Chinese. Other than the academic staffs, the admin staffs are very friendly, attentive to detail. Thumb up for SCCIOB!

on 30 Sep 2013


Guus Goorts
Founder, Yago Languages

The Singapore Chinese Chamber offers a very convenient location and a good environment for learning Chinese. My teacher, Ms. Zhang, had many years of experience in teaching Chinese and that showed in her ability to explain even the most complex concepts in English fluently.

She brought the Chinese language to us on our terms: not forcing us to spend a lot of time learning things of only theoretical use, but rather focusing attention on being able to converse and write in situations that are likely to really happen in business.

From my conversations with students in other classes, I get the impression that SCCIOB is really careful to hire the right teachers. Which is the key to offering consistently high quality courses.

on 16 May 2013


Eslina Khin

For those wanting to learn Business Conversation in Mandarin for Beginners, this course provides excellent Mandarin phonetic explanations that allows non-Mandarin/Chinese speakers to have a better grasp & understanding of the basics of this language. To learn the language, the Teacher needs to be able to provide us with a good explanation of the foundation & basics of the language. Much like learning English. The Teacher for this course, Mr. Li, is an excellent Teacher with numerous years of experience. His English is also definitely better than most of the students in the class. Hence, explanations are very precise & clear. Highly recommend this course to anyone who wish to learn Business Conversation in Mandarin for Beginners. Will definitely be continuing on to the next stage after passing the Beginners Course Exam.

on 16 May 2013


Alex Cheong

Coming from a background where mandarin was not taught in my school, I tried to pick up the language through listening and watching Chinese/Taiwanese serials on TV while in Singapore. It was difficult to learn mandarin in Singapore as most people speak English; at least with people I deal with on a daily basis.
Not until I took on a regional role in my current company, where I have to deal with internal and external customers in both China and Taiwan that I decided to increase my proficiency in the Chinese language.
Choosing SCCIOB as the learning center of choice was an easy decision as it has a history of providing quality training with ISO accreditation and also more affordable course fees (with WDA funding)
It was a great learning experience for me at SCCIOB. It has provided me an avenue to learn mandarin in a more structured manner with lots of opportunity to converse in Chinese. It enabled me to build the confidence to stand in front of the class and deliver an act, script or a speech entirely in Chinese. It has also helped me build relationships with my counterparts in China and Taiwan. Kudos SCCIOB!

on 13 May 2013


Lim Y Hao

To fully adapt to Singapore working environment, converse in Mandarin is the first step to that goal. With some basic conversational knowledge before attending the course, I lacked the confidence when trying to talk to my colleagues and supporting clients from China and Taiwan. Attending the Business Mandarin Conversational beginner course helped me build the basics and significantly improved my Mandarin conversational skills. The refined fluency and confidence in conversation facilitate my work when dealing with Chinese customers and bring me closer to my colleagues. There is still a long learning journey ahead of me. I believe the high quality of the course material and teachers will expedite the process.

on 13 May 2013

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