Certificate in Gateway to Mandarin at SCCIOB

Certificate in Gateway to Mandarin


Certificate in Gateway to Mandarin is suitable for beginner learners (very popular among the expatriates) whom have no Chinese foundation. This course introduces practical conversational Mandarin to beginners through practical themes relevant to daily living.


Levels available


Total Duration

10 lessons per level

Skill Sets

Listening & speaking

Course Fees

S$652.70 per level (including $53.50 application fee & GST)


Twice a week (Weekday 9.30am-12.30pm or 7-10pm), Once a week (Sat 10am-1pm)


Course name: Certificate in Gateway to Mandarin
Includes: Tuition fee, Administrative fee, GST
Price: S$ 652.70
Locations: City Hall Singapore

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Jow yuzo

Re: Chinese language is Putonghua, never Mandarin If you teach language Chinese, teach their Putonghua, not Mandarin. Elsewhere, people don't know, and school teachers don't care! obviously; leaving me to inform: The name 'Mandarin' has been obsolete 105 years now. 'Mandarin' 滿大人 stands for 'Manchurian high official', whose office identified with his language. But since the Manchurian Qing monarchy (1644-1911) fell, Mandarins dead as dodos, none to speak with; Mandarin nonfactual, disuse its fiction! The Chinese national language (Romanized with the system called Pinyin) is 'common speech', Putonghua. - Jow Yuzo

on 30 Oct 2015


Gideon Simons

I took both modules for the Gateway to Mandarin, each one with a different teacher which were both excellent. The school maintains a high level of learning material and is very experienced with teaching Mandarin to beginners. I also enjoyed the class atmosphere and met some nice people.

on 20 May 2013


David Lavery
BW Offshore

Really enjoyed this class, I have taken Mandarin lessons before but I got a lot more out of this class than previous classes. Wang laoshi was really fun and enthusiastic!

on 13 May 2013


Colin Jarraw
Partner, Navin & Co. LLP

I was a complete beginner having absolutely no knowledge of any Mandarin whatsoever. I undertook the Gateway to Mandarin course (Levels 1 and 2 ) and found it was a perfect way for anyone ( with as little knowledge as myself ) to start in their journey to learning Mandarin. The teaching methods are first class and are organized such that even the weaker students would not feel left behind. The course itself provides you with quite a lot to digest ( teaching you more than just the basic stuff ) and I would say that at the end of it, most of the class members had a very good grasp of the language - probably more than a usual beginner's course would provide. I sadly did not have the time to progress further than these introductory courses but would definitely do so again with SCCIOB if the opportunity arises.

on 13 May 2013


James Sundram
Executive Director, TheRightCompany Pte. Ltd.

Being a non-Chinese and growing-up as a native English speaker, I was skeptical and had reservations about the basic mandarin course. To much of my surprise, the lessons were rather simple to follow, and so inclusive, I found myself using conversational mandarin during classes, all the while being amused and entertained. Mid way through the program I found myself proactively using simple sentences and actually being able to converse with my colleagues and even when speaking to my clients in China.

I strongly advocate the course for business managers needing to have some basic comprehension of the language and aspiring better interaction with our mandarin speaking colleagues and friends.

on 13 May 2013

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Course Facts

Course Fee : S$652.70


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Tuition fee, Administrative fee, GST

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