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Preparatory Course for Dutch Integration Exam (MVV)


If you plan to stay in The Netherlands for more than 3 months, you need to apply for a Provisional Residence Permit ("Machtiging voor Voorlopig Verblijf" / "MVV" in Dutch).

And before you get this "MVV", you will need to pass a test of your proficiency in the Dutch language.

To pass the exam, you only need to read, listen & speak.
However, you must be able to comprehend and speak Dutch at A1 proficiency level. And your pronunciation and intonation needs to be very close to that of a native Dutch speaker. Which is no easy feat for Asian students.

Through our experience in Singapore, we know what's required, and we know how to bring you up to speed.

Since the inception of this regulation in 2006, we have successfully prepared more than 180 students to pass this exam. To date, not one of them has failed the exam.

This is an individual crash course. In 28 hours divided over 14 2-hour private sessions, we will get you there, making sure that you are very confident when you sit for the exam.

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Course name: Preparatory Course for Dutch Integration Exam (MVV)
Includes: Tuition fee, Course material
Price: S$ 1100.00
Locations: 150 Orchard Rd #08-07 Singapore 238841

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Desiree Chan

I had to take the MVV training course in 3.5 weeks because of personal reasons, and that made me anxious to start. However, Matthieu and Dais were extremely supportive and full of empathy. Matthieu is a unique and very effective teacher. He made sure every lesson was interesting and always reviewed the lessons. He is patient, encouraging and had a a good sense of humour. Dais is fast and clear with the communication between the school and the student. Thank you Matthieu and Dais for a quick and valuable experience. All the best!

on 05 Sep 2016


Toni Peterzon

Taking this course is the way to go if you are serious in learning Dutch and acing the Civic integration exam! Amidst a hectic schedule at work and the general fast-paced,stressful environment in Singapore, I was able to ace the exam (yes, I got three perfect 10ís!) --thanks to this Dutch course. Before deciding to take it, I had the Naar Nederland package and was halfway through it but it felt like I needed more to crack it and I was right. Itís very helpful to be able to speak to a Native speaker and experienced Dutch teacher like Matthieu. His methods are effective and are easy to follow through. The model he designed for learning to construct Dutch sentences is immaculate, you sure will be able to construct a Dutch sentence in no time Ė and thatís something that No book or app can teach you! So go get a slot ASAP and reap the benefits of learning from an experienced professional who means business and no BS at all! Good luck and may the force be with you.

on 28 Jul 2016


Wendy L

Took the Beginners A1 course in July 2015 and continue with A2, before going for my Exam in Apr 2016. Matthieu's teaching is very interesting. He have his ways to make us remember the 'rules' of the creating sentences. He is clear and definitely a very patient teacher who is giving all his heart to make sure that you understand every bit. MVV is an easy bit if you have his guidance. Dais is helpful and supportive in every ways too. I feel so assured with them around guiding me. Definitely worth the time and money.

on 18 Jun 2016


Jessie van Horen-Teng

Matthieu's classes are really what you need if you are looking for an excellent Dutch teacher. He prepares us well for passing the Basic Dutch Exam and I got high scores with his very good training methods.

on 02 Jun 2016



Iím so glad I took the training when I was in Singapore by the help of Matthieu. In general I would say itís totally a useful and worthy Dutch Language course. I took the MVV exam last December 2014 and I passed it with ease and high score. At first I find it scary to take the exam as I felt that the exam might be so difficult that I canít pass it. After taking the course I had the confidence to take the exam and I would say itís very much easy. I appreciate the special method that he used in teaching the course, especially in constructing grammatically correct sentence, and for always making sure that we pronounced each word correctly. To sum up, I would definitely recommend taking as much lessons as possible with Matthieu while you are in Singapore. Itís worth your time and your money. Thank you Matthieu and Dais!

on 30 Nov 2015

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Course Fee : S$1100.00


Tuition fee, Course material

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