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Standard Chinese Live Lessons


Do you want to learn Mandarin, but are you plagued by an irregular work schedule?

Is business travel or shift work making it virtually impossible to attend Chinese lessons regularly?

Do you feel that private language lessons are too expensive in Singapore?


We understand you!

And that's why we offer Internet based Chinese language lessons. When you sign up, this is what you can expect:

You will come to rely on us for:

- 100% Live lessons. No recordings. Pure one-to-one attention to what you need to learn.

- Great Coaches. Our Beijing-based Mandarin speaking coaches are experienced, and certified teachers of Mandarin as a foreign language

- True flexibility. Practice mandarin Chinese at a time and place that works for you. Your schedule can be different every week - just book the time slot that works for you!

- Excellent technology. We use state-of-the-art technology to create the best connection between teacher and student.

You don't have to take our word for it, of course. We invite you to take a 25-minute live free trial with us before committing to anything.

When you accept our invitation, you will find how fun and easy it is to learn mandarin Chinese with us. To take the free trial, Click here!


Course name: Standard Chinese Live Lessons
Includes: Tuition fee
Locations: Beijing Beijing

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Jonathan Bailey

Hi, I would be interested to take a trial lesson and know your prices for intensive beginner mandarin course. Thanks! Jonathan

on 05 Feb 2017


Tom Montgomery

At first I relied on to augment my formal classroom studies of the language. Now I'm no longer taking classes and exclusively use Speak Mandarin because it's so flexible and the teachers are excellent.

on 10 Feb 2012


Chris Mendez

It's great to have learned to write characters and read pinyin while studying in Shanghai, but SpeakMandarin has truly helped me continue my pursuit of refining my accent while being back in the United States. Having limited access to Chinese speakers, conversing with my SpeakMandarin teachers prepares me for work when I go back to China

on 10 Feb 2012


Jack Fitzgerald

One Sunday afternoon I decided to ignore my skepticism and give online Chinese study a try. I wrote to three different companies asking for a trial chat that day. Speak Mandarin came back within a few hours, the second never came back and the third replied on Monday when their office opened. By that time, I had already had two trial sessions of 25 minutes, had agreed on a study plan and had booked my first 50 minute 1 on 1 with The first thing you'll notice is that the pricing is easy to find, whereas other companies want your details - this is a pet hate of any internet user. The next is the Cisco meeting room system they use: one click and you are taken to a virtual whiteboard where you can both write, draw, look at text and of course converse. New words are then emailed to me each day after class and you are encouraged to give feedback, request new topics, give direction etc. Finally, the quality of the teaching, and the attitude of the teachers has been first class. They are all top University graduates with degrees in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. This means their Mandarin is well spoken so you pick up the right accent, and that they know how to teach the language, not just how to speak it! It feels like I have a team of 5-6 people supporting me. They all know my progress after each class and are in contact as much as you want them to be - you choose each class time. Please feel free to send me an email at if you have any questions regarding classes, teachers, how it works, payment, what's good/bad etc. As an Australian who studied the language at University 10 years ago maintaining my Mandarin has been a constant struggle so I am happy to help anyone in the same position.

on 10 Feb 2012

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