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Functional and Practical English


Welcome to GEOS!

If you are looking for a full-time English course, look no further! This course covers all aspects of English language learning: (1) spoken English, (2) written English and (3) English grammar.

During the course, you will do exercises that cover all of these aspects.

Why learn English with GEOS?

1. All our English courses are taught by native teachers from the U.S.A, U.K., Australia and New Zealand;

2. Great location in the Orchard area.

Have a look inside our school:
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How good is your English now?

What your English level is at this moment doesn't matter. Whether you know very little or no English, or you are already at an intermediate level, we have a group class for you at just your English level.


Do you want to come to Singapore to study English? If you need a place to stay, let us know. We can help to arrange accommodation for you.


When you join this course, you will get 3 hours of lessons, every morning (9:30am - 12:30pm) from Monday to Friday.

Course fee: $270 per week (15 hours) before monthly promotion (Please contact us for the monthly promotion)

How to join?

Have a look at the start dates and contact us by clicking on "enquire now" below!


Course name: Functional and Practical English
Includes: Tuition fee
Locations: 178 Clemenceau Avenue, Singapore 239926

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23 Course reviews

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Luiza Fernandez

Study at GEOS Language Center was an amazing experience with the help of my excellent teacher, Colin. I managed to achieve my goal to improve my English and increase my vocabulary. I also could meet different people and make several friends from different countries. I will take this experience for the rest of my life.

on 02 Mar 2016


Lee Li Ji

Actually, at first, I just want to look for a place which can make me speak and practice but I think GEOS and teacher, Colin, has given more than what I wanted. My English vocabulary and pronunciation have improved, even my grammar. There wasn't any stress during the lesson. It is a nice place for those who want to learn English

on 02 Mar 2016


Ruben Leal Tamayo

I had a really good time at GEOS because my teachers are so friendly. They are always helping me to improve my English and the school has an amazing atmosphere where I met really good friends

on 02 Mar 2016



Thanks to GEOS, my English has improved a lot as doing a variety of practices. Studying in GEOS, I got to know diverse foreign country of culture and differences. Fortunately, there are Europeans in my class. Having a chat with them, I came to know about the different cultures between Europe and Asia. It was good for me to meet many kinds of foreigners that I have never met before.

on 02 Mar 2016



My name is Artur from France. I came to GEOS to follow an intensive training in English. Immediately, I felt at ease. Everybody is very friendly and international, the teachers from UK, US, Canada are really interesting and I became friend with most of my classmates.

on 02 Mar 2016

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