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Malay Course (part-time)


Malay is not just Singapore's national language. It is also Malaysia's language of administration and closely related to Indonesian as it is spoken in neighbouring Indonesia. All in all, the Malay language plays an important role in South East Asia, and will keep doing so in future.

Our Malay language course is designed to get you started in speaking and writing Malay. During the course, we will go well beyond vocabulary to ensure you form correct sentence structures and pronounce them the right way.
What will you learn?
What you will exactly learn in our Malay course will depend on your starting level. If you are a beginner, here are a few examples of what you will be able to do after the course:
- Introduce yourself in Malay
- Conduct basic business transactions in Malay, such as ordering items and basic bargaining
- Book hotels, trains, buses, etc.
What kind courses do you offer?
You can take our "Malay for general purposes course" in different formats:
- Part-time group course or
Full-time or part-time individual tuition

The price you see here is for the part-time group course. If you are interested in individual tuition, please contact us below and we will make a proposal that fits your schedule and requirements.

What are the timetables like?

Lessons can be:

- once a week (1 lesson per week, 2 hours per lesson) E.g. Mon, 19.00-21.00

- twice a week (2 lessons per week, 2 hours per lesson) E.g. Tue/Thu, 19.00-21.00

- 3 times a week (3 lessons per week, 2 hours per lesson) E.g. Mon/Wed/Fri, 11.00-13.00

- every day (5 lessons per week, 2 hours per lesson) E.g. Mon-Fri, 14.00-16.00

Can I join this course?
Before starting your course, we will test your written and spoken Malay ability to determine your correct entry point into our syllabus.

If you are completely new to learning Malay, you can join the beginner course right away without taking an entry test first.
How will I know my progress?
At regular intervals, we will administer progress tests to ensure that you are on target to achieve your learning goals.
What can I do at the end of my Malay course?
At the end of your course, you may continue your studies and enrol for the next course level. This is provided that you pass your progress test and there is a minimum number of students who wish to continue learning Malay.
How do I enrol?
Below you will find our upcoming courses. If you wish to join one of the Malay courses listed or want to ask any other question, simply click on 
the ‘ENQUIRY’ button below and we’ll get in touch with you immediately.


Course name: Malay Course (part-time)
Includes: Tuition fee, Administrative fee, Exam fee, Course material, GST
Price: S$ 380.00
Locations: 51 Cuppage Road Singapore 229469

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Vancouver Steve

I just came back from my first class after impulsively taking the class after finding this Malay class here on Yago. I am really glad I did. The school is located right beside the Somerset MRT so it was easy for me to get to. This place is only 5 minute walk from the station. I also liked the small class size. We currently have 8 people in our class. Most importantly, our teacher Izwan was great. I had a great time learning. Can't wait for class #2. If there is a negative, I was told today that they will be having two written and one oral exam. Exams I could do without.

on 07 Jan 2013

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Course Facts

Course Fee : S$380.00


Part Time
Tuition fee, Administrative fee, Exam fee, Course material, GST

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